Daddy Issues

The root of Judy's problems

Judy, one of the main characters in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, definitely has some issues that go deeper than her just wanting to be naughty. Judy's bad action are a result of the lack of affection from her dad, according to her. Judy is upset and rebelling because her father is not giving her the attention she thinks she deserves lately. Judy thinks that her father has withdrawn his affection from her because she is not a little girl anymore. Throughout the whole movie all Judy really wants is to be daddy's little girl. He still cares for her but because he has given her more space, she thinks he doesn't care anymore. Because of this withdrawn feeling from her dad, she runs to other guys for attention. Judy often times goes out late at night, or whenever her father makes her mad, wearing racy clothes, lots of makeup, and doing anything possible to get guys attention. She thought that going out and running to other men was a good alternative. Judy's actions cause her father to get upset and call her a dirty tramp.

Lesson Learned

I think that Judy learned her lesson and grew up. At the beginning of the movie, Judy is very emotional and she rebels by going out at all hours of the night dressing racy to get guys attention. Judy thinks that dressing in short and tight things will help her get attention from other guys since her dad doesn't give it to her. Once Judy meets Jim Stark and dates him, I think that she realizes that she doesn't need her dad to baby her. Judy realizes what love is like with someone other than her dad and she also realizes that someone other than her dad can love her and she can love them back as well. I don't think she will go out and try to get attention anymore even if she does become single because she learned that she can be loved by someone other than her dad and she likes it.


Chickie Run-

The chickie run is the game of chicken. This game is where the two drivers who are competing drive on a collision course towards each other. If nobody swerves they will both die, but if someone does swerve they automatically are the chicken. If you are known as the chicken, you are also known as a coward. Buzz and his gang slashed Jim's tires, when Jim asked Judy why she hangs out with him Buzz quickly jumped in and pulled out his switchblade and challenges him to a knife fight. Jim refuses because he doesn't have a knife and even when offered one he still refuses. Buzz starts to call Jim a chicken so he begins to fight him. They fight until Jim hits Buzz's knife away, and Buzz automatically wants another shot at him. Jim agree's to stealing cars and doing a chickie run.

Main Lesson

The main lesson of the movie is to show the true horrors of adolescence. If you notice, all of the "rebels" have issues at home. A lot of people don't realize that troubled kids often times have issues with their lives at home. Whether its parents or just their family in general, they definitely have a big affect on the child's life. If the child feels like their parents don't care enough or they don't have parent's in their life they often times run to other people to get attention or rebel against them. Plato's father left his mother when he was a small child. His mom is always gone so she leaves him with the house keeper which he doesn't like. Judy feels like her father doesn't treat her like she is his little girl anymore so she runs to other random guys to get the attention she is missing. Jim's parents always bicker back and fourth. He gets very upset and he takes it out on the police officer when he gets put into custody.

Do teens rebel in these similar situation, like in the movie?

I think in real life teens definitely do rebel in situations like the teenagers in this movie. This movie kind of makes it look like every teen rebels when they have family problems, which isn't true at all. Not everyone reacts to issues at home the same but I do find that almost all of the troubled kids I know have major family issues.