Your Vote is POWER-ful!

Here's the deal:

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We have just had a federal election. How involved and informed are you about the issues concerning energy and the environment?

Energy sources in Canada

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Where does our power come from? Are you better informed than the average Canadian?


There has just been a federal election. Being a concerned voter, you will write a letter to your MP persuading him or her that the government switch to a specific green energy. Your position will be based on solid research of current Canadian energy resources - both green and traditional.

Present the MP information on each of the following categories:

  • advantages/disadvantages of your selected green energy
  • environmental impact/risk
  • comparison to one "non-green" energy source currently being used
  • health benefits/risks
  • efficiency of energy production
  • environmental benefit
  • how it works - the chemistry/physics behind the process
  • why we should switch to your energy source


1. Canadian energy sources

You need to research current energy sources and greener options. Google the items on the list below to get some background information on each energy source and to give you a feel if you'd like to do further research on that resource.

Green Energy:

Solar Power

Wind Power

Geothermal Power

Tidal Power


Nuclear Power

Hydroelectric Power

Not Green:

"Clean Coal" Power

Trash Incinerator Power Plants

Natural Gas Power Plants

Select ONE green option and ONE current energy source to contrast.

  1. Green:
  2. Current:
  3. Why did you choose this greener energy source? In point form answer the
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
for this energy source.

2. Position on energy issues of the new Liberal government

Read and make jot notes about the federal Liberal Party's stance on the following topics:

  1. reliance on fossil fuels
  2. green energy sector
  3. oil pipeline / oil sands
  4. thermal coal exports
  5. east-west electricity grid
  6. funding for scientific research
  7. greenhouse gases
  8. promoting the use of green energy

3. Create a focus statement

Click here for the lesson on Creating a Focus Statement.

4. Great resources for research

To access resources go to:

  1. Databases
  2. Effective Google searches
  3. Books
  4. E-books

Keep track of your resources!

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