I have school from 8:15-4:15 (including homework time) and on weekends I might have a few sport practices. Also my winter break is from the 22nd of December to the 5th of January.

Info on Job

  • Cost is $15-$20 (depends on height of snow and driveway length)
  • I will shovel driveway
  • I will salt driveway if you provide salt
  • I will shovel little sidewalks that lead to door
  • School ends 4:15
  • Winter break is 22nd of December to 5th of January
  • Might have sport practices some days

Info on me

  • Name: Lucas
  • I am 11 years old
  • I am saving for laptop
  • I have shoveled my driveway before
  • First time shoveling to make money
  • I Play soccer and baseball
  • I also play trumpet

Contact Info

When you Email or call I will respond as soon as possible. I will need to know were you live and what time you are home.