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Technology Integration Newsletter-February 25, 2015

Preparing Students for Online Testing

This blog post has some great suggestions for getting your students ready for a digital testing environment as we approach the testing season.

Website of the Week: Shmoop

This website geared towards middle and high school students has clever study materials that merge humor and learning.

What is Shmoop?


Shmoop offers learning guides for core content subject areas as well as several additional elective areas. The authors on this site do a great job of breaking things down into smaller, more easily understandable segments. For example, literature guides contain character descriptions and quotes. In addition, teachers who may be able to spend money for a subscription can access teacher guides and standardized test prep guides. You definitely don't need to pay to access the information in the free areas of the site, and I hope you find it to be both comprehensive and useful. High-schoolers who need a little extra help with their studies could benefit from the site as well.

You Can Help End World Hunger!

Can students learn and help others at the same time? Point them in the direction of freerice.com to find out! Students can test their knowledge on subjects ranging from anatomy and chemistry to foreign language or humanities. For every correct answer, the website will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme, which is the food assistance branch of the United Nations.
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8 Formative Assessment Tools

I know I've touched on this before, but I recently came across a good list of formative assessment tools by Educators Technology and Mobile Learning. Feel free to explore these and let me know if you'd like to take a tech half day to create a digital formative assessment for your students! I'd love to help you and to share what I know.

Today’s Meet

This is an excellent tool to use with students to gather instant feedback on their learning or poll them on matters related to what you teach them. Today’s Meet allows you to create rooms and invite students to join them with no sign up. It is also a very good backchannel platform where students can engage in fruitful discussions and conversations. I have used this with each of my classes in grades 6-12 and they are very engaged when using it.


Socrative has long been considered a favorite tool for getting feedback from students. Teachers can use the different question types provided by Socrative to poll their students and garner their feedback in a variety of formats using both smartphones, tablets or computers. Mr. McNulty and Mr. Schmidt have modeled the use of this tool in meetings over the past few months.

Infuse Learning
Infuse Learning provides a platform where teachers can engage every student on any device, making it an ideal choice for our school as we continue to encourage BYOD. This allows students to provide real-time feedback and teachers can adjust instruction accordingly.

iClicker is a powerful formative assessment tool that allows teachers to ask questions through any presentation application; students answer questions with a remote or smart device. Teachers can then display results in real-time if desired.

Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere is another powerful web tool to collect feedback from your students. It provides you with a variety of templates and feedback forms to choose from. Students answer in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers. It also lets you see your responses live on the web or in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.


Geddit is another interesting tool that you can use in class to gather instant feedback about your students learning in real-time. You can use both multiple choice or short answer responses to check for evidence of understanding.


Mentimeter allows you to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on any question you specify. To use it, simply create a question, let your students vote using a mobile phone or tablet and show the result to your audience in real-time.


Plickers lets you poll your class for free, without the need for student devices. Just give each student a card (a "paper clicker"), and use your iPhone to scan them to do instant checks-for-understanding, exit tickets, and impromptu polls. Best of all, your data is automatically saved, student-by-student, at plickers.com.
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