Ally Henson, Block 3


3 Physical Properties: Oxygen is colorless, odorless, and tasteless

3 Chemical Properties: Oxygen supports combustion, combines with other elements at room temperature, and is highly reactive.

Where it is found: Oxygen is found on the earth. Also, 50% of the Earth's crust is composed of Oxygen.

Uses: It helps people breathe because without Oxygen, humans will not be able to survive. It is also part of the stellar life cycle. It is used in hospitals to help patients breathe, and also used to destroy bacteria.

Common Compounds it forms: H20, H2SO4, CO2,

Reactivity: Oxygen reacts with Hydrogen to get water. Also, when oxygen reacts with Carbon it produces Carbon Dioxide.

Isotopes: Nine isotopes of oxygen are known. Natural Oxygen is a mixture of three isotopes

Safety Information:

-Oxygen makes things burn much faster.

-Keep liquids that catch fire away from oxygen.


Ozzy Oxygen

Once upon a time there was a police man named Ozzy Oxygen. Police officers are used for all types of things. One of the things he does is helps save lives. He always goes to the fires when they get the call, but if he gets too close to the fire he will not survive. Ozzy Oxygen once burnt his tounge, and now he has no taste buds...making his tasteless. He also takes three showers a day, so that he is odorless.

Ozzy gets moved from station to station because of how great he is to have around. You will have to look around the entire world to find Ozzy. Ozzy Oxygen is married to Hally Hydrogen and they love to go swimming together. Ozzy Oxygen is best friends with Cyle Carbon and they love to take walks through the garden together and catch up.

Ozzy enjoys being in a room at room temperature and inviting friends over to talk and get to know each other better. They always create new things when they are together. Ozzy's favorite foods are ice cream, slushies, and smoothies. He does not like hot foods or anything that you have to put in the oven. Ozzy lives a wonderful life and is absolutely loved by everyone.