prison reform



they took away the death penalty for robbery and began to look at less trivial offences,and conditions in prison

Juvenile Dentention Center

First juvenile detention center opened up in New York by state assembly. He and his daughter traveled around New York and campaigned for a release of children from prisons onto these Juvenile Centers.


sir robert peel created the moden concept of the police force-london metropoliyan police service. many idealisists/activists at this time began the spread the idea that prison should not only punish. but reform

prison reform movement

Johnny Cash advocate prison reform t his July 1972 meeting with the United States President Richard Nixon.In the 1800, Dorothea Dix toured prison in the U.S. and all over Europe looking at the conditions o the mentally handicapped.

Social movement of prison reforms

This argument is often insufficient to encourage prison reform program in countries with scare human and financial resource. Prison have only been used as a primary punishment for criminals acts in the last few centuries.
1800s Prison Reform in the US - Tanner & Kunaal
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what was the goal the movement achieved

A fair of efficient criminal justice system consistent with the rule of law and ensuring access to justice.