Syan Gymnastics club

Join our gymnastics lessons!

Join the best Gymnastics classes in the Country!! Pic of Ruby Nickson................................................

Come on down to Syan's RSL club for a great two hours doing gymnastics. Different levels and ages have different groups, and its loads of fun! We teach handstands, Cartwheels, strength, trampoline skills, pointing toes, skills on the beam and loads more!! Our organiser Ruby Nickson makes sure everyone is in their fitted groups every week. We provide special equipment and leotards with the Syan logo, if wanted kids may bring their own leotards. Only $200 a year for this fun, learning activity to occur!

Every Monday and Thursday at 56 St Jessie Rd, Dennisvale

Come down to Dennisvale at 5pm on Monday and Thurdays until 7pm. We'll make sure injuries don't happen and that the kids are stretched after all the fun things we'll do with them. We insure that our leotards will be fitted and our coaches will be ready.