Online Safety

How to stay safe online

How to create a strong password?

Creating a strong password could be hard to remember but you will soon learn it off by heart. A good way to pick a strong password is by using a dictionary and flicking through it untill you pick a random word, after you have done that then add in random letters and character for e.g 56FriEnd678!

These word could also be very specal like your wedding day or your pets name, but if you do use these remember to and in numbers and capital letters just to be on the safe side. Remember to change your password regulary and also if your computer or phone is hacked change your password quickly.

Secure wireless conection.

To make sure your wireless conection is safe keep a password on your home hub and also change it regulary to make sure it is safe.

blue tooth

Keep your blue tooth off unless you need it and when you do have a password on it so no one can hack in to your mobile.try to use another name on your blue tooth so that hackers do not know who you are. when some one asks to take things from your phone decline and not just say yes for the sake of it.

anti virus soft wares

diffrent types of anti virus soft ware devises are Norton 360, i cloud, and much more these stop viruses from getting in to your computer and if the soft ware finds one then it eliminates it.