Daniel Webster School Newsletter

October 2018

Exciting things...

...are already happening in our classrooms.

Here are some examples:

Security Drills at DWS

In a continuing effort to provide our children with a safe and secure facility here are at Daniel Webster School, in the coming months, we will be conducting various security drills with the children in addition to our regular fire drills. We are required by state law to conduct 2 drills: a fire drill and a security drill. We had our first drill, a lockdown. The drill was very successful.

An important security reminder: Photo ID is needed every time you visit DWS for meetings, classroom parties or events.

Spelling City Fun

In our First and Second Grade classrooms, our students are working individually and at their own pace to build spelling skills. Our engaging, new, game-based learning platform called SpellingCity empowers our learners to study independently while having fun. SpellingCity is an ideal program that helps boost student success. It is an engaging blended learning tool that boosts confidence and reading comprehension. This gamified program makes studying and learning fun as it encourages students to read, hear, sound out and write words and promotes learning and retention, not just memorization. Our students are loving SpellingCity. Ask them about it! Kindergarten classes will be introduced to this mid-October. For more information, visit http://www.spellingcity.com.

Trout in the Classroom

For the third consecutive year, our second grade students are raising trout from eggs to fingerlings. Our students regularly monitor tank water quality, learn about the ecosystem necessary for trouts, and engage in various trout studies. Our students are looking forward to releasing the fingerlings into the river later in the school year. In the interim, all grades, PreK-2nd Grade, use this trout experience to work on projects in multiple disciplines. We expect the arrival of our eggs on or about Oct. 10th.

Weekend Readers

Beginning on October 12th, students in grades K-2 will be bringing home weekend readers to read to or with parents at home. Please enjoy the books together and return on Monday. It is important to instill the joy of reading.

Upcoming Events........

October 8th- No School- Columbus Day
October 18th- PTA Meeting 7pm DWS Media Center
October 31st- Halloween Parade- weather permitting, 8:45am school yard.