May The Deceased Be In Your Prayers

Created by: Anna P.

The Highwayman

The Highway man died on January 11,1772. He was shot by the redcoats after recalling a gun shot in the inn. He was a quick man always dressing in a coat of red velvet, and laces up to his chin. His boots were wore up to his thigh, to go with his brown doe- skin. The Highwayman was best known by others for his bravery and swift in occupying his career. He was well known by others, for some good, some bad. Please keep his horse in your prayers, for this is a difficult time for his one and only loved one.

Bess, The Landlords' daughter

Bess was young when she passed away. Bess was taken hostage, tied to the foot of her bed, watching as the redcoats planned to shot the Highwayman. Instead, she shot herself. You could identify her by her long black locks. She had beautiful black eyes that sparkled. . She was a sweet young girl, whose presence was enjoyed by everyone. Bess was a strong girl, for she risked her life for the sake of her love. She was compassionate towards the Highwayman, for always defending him, while protecting him. Please keep Bess' father; the landlord, in your prayers, for he is deeply missing his daughter and unfortunate for her mournful death.

Please Keep our Deceased in Your Prayers