Hedgcoxe Hounds

Monday Memo February 22 to February 28

Monday February 22

Watch DOG Dad: Blair Blandford (Kindergarten)

2:50 - 3:50 Chess Club

Tuesday February 23

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday February 24

3:00 - 3:30 Afterschool Art

3:15 - 5:00 Staff Meeting (Multipurpose Room)

Happy Birthday to Kristi Graham ! ! !

Thursday February 25

3:00 - 4:00 Afterschool Art

Friday February 26

Watch DOG Dad Curtis Jarecki (Kindergarten and 2nd Grade)

Congratulations Nina for recently being the recipient of a Title 3 Grant from the district for technology for her ESL Program! Way to go!!!

ESL Corner

Remember to include on the top right hand corner include students first and last name, date, and type of writing

2 Writing samples due to Joy on February 26 Noon-

1 Academic

1 Reflective

If you feel like you need some ideas - your TELPAS rater manual has several prompts on pages 16-21

Tech Tips: By Ed

If you see things like dots between words and paragraph symbols where you have hit <return>, look at the menu bar across the top of your Word screen and you will see a Paragraph symbol.

If the paragraph symbol is highlighted, simply click on it and the highlighting will go away. Your document should no longer show any formatting marks. This can also be accomplished by simply hitting, control> and * (<shift> 8) together.

Be aware that, although these formatting marks show in your on-screen document, they will not carry over to the printed version.

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Shout Outs!

Amy Moore and Shelly Antoniou- You guys did a fabulous job with this year’s talent shows. It was a lot of fun and your hard work paid off!

Janice Jones- You have been such a help while I have been holding down the fort while Kristi is gone. Thank you for always giving 110% effort!

Christine- Thank you for helping with the talent show and helping me navigate things in the front. You Rock!!!

Mrs. Bommarito-her room is looking fabulous for open house! Great student work displayed

Ami for being pregnant and fabulous!

To the group who ate lunch together in the staff lounge on Monday-fun!

Thanks to Kristi and Janice for organizing tacos for us Monday!

Anne Brown for being so helpful in fifth grade.

Amy Moore rocks as a teacher with her plate full of Student Council duties!

Barbara Brown for making life fun when things get serious!

Mrs. Burnette and Ms. Roberts for allowing the 2nd grade team to redeem our prize. It was refreshing to enjoy an hour lunch as a team!

Mrs. Sanchez for being so great with 2nd grade conferences. She even reschedules our “no shows” if she has a print out of our Sign Up Genius. Impressive!

Miss LeWinter for giving 2nd grade a couple of boxes of staples. Life saver!

Ms. Graham for the yummy lunch on Monday! Second grade loved getting a chance to eat and talk.

Mrs. Flohr for keeping us motivated to make healthy choices. She’s lost 30 pounds and 2nd grade is so proud of her!

Ms. Blackwell for always being positive and supportive

Nurse Key for always being there for the staff and kids! You rock!

Leah and Karen are the best Book fair Chairperson and Librarian a school could have...Passion and dedication in everything they do. We are so lucky to have them!

For planning purposes....Upcoming Next Week:

Feb. 29-March 4th National School Breakfast Week

Tuesday March 1st- Mooyah Burgers- Hosted by 3rd Grade

Wednesday March 2nd- Multi-Cultural and Family Art Night

Thursday March 3rd- Elementary Open House

Friday March 4th- Read Across America- Dress like your favorite story book character