Makers Groups

Monthly meetins daily fun

What is a maker

If you are doing something that might not work then you are a maker

-Seth Godin

What will we do?

  1. Dream it
  2. Design it
  3. Build it

Ideas are all around check sites like for some.

We aren't building kits or doing something someone else created we are following our own passions.

Most builds will take more than a day. Kids will design and plan a build at a monthly meeting then spend the month (or longer) building. At the next meeting those who are finished can show off what they built.


Kids love to build things
They also love to share.
Each build will need to include:
  1. An instructible - instructions on how to build what they built
  2. A presentation
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Written reflection - what would I do different, what I would do next time