Letter from the President

South Bendigo FNC

Letter from the Pres.

Hi Lads,

First up I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to

those who don’t know me. I have taken on the role of President of

the South Bendigo Football & Netball Club for the 2014 season and

hopefully beyond.

No doubt many of you will know me and may wonder why I would

take on the role at Sth. Bendigo given I have never played with the


Basically I have a few mates who played for South and have built up

a great bond with a lot of you guys over the years. I was approached

by Peter Tyack, Mark Keck and a few others and was impressed with

their passion and drive to get the Bloods back to a power the club

once was when I was playing against them, and on the receiving end

of a few hidings. I also received a lot of support from many of you to

take on the role and appreciate your backing.

Furthermore, the drive to move the club’s base from the QEO to

Harry Trott Oval at Kennington, my old stomping ground, was

another major factor in me getting involved as I think this is a great

initiative and an exciting opportunity to engage the community in

the South Bendigo suburbs and set the club up for an exciting and

prosperous future.

In addition to the immediate tasks of improving much needed

revenue through increased sponsorship, events and fund raising,

along with increasing membership levels, I have noticed a striking

lack of engagement with Past Players in which I believe is a key

aspect of what a good football club is all about.

My goal therefore is to create an environment at our club where

past players, officials, support staff and supporters from all eras

over the past 60 + years are not only welcomed but want to come

back to the club, enjoy each others company and foster a feeling of

belongingness. This is Your Club!!!

For some reason it seems this has been missing over the past several

years and certainly different from my playing days at Kennington

when South had a strong bond and social aspect to it.

There may be a number of reasons why this aspect has declined,

however from my perspective that is in the past and we have an

opportunity to re ignite the interest and passion in this great club.

The first initiative has been to set up a Past Players Strategic Group

where a group of past players meet on a monthly basis to discuss

what is happening at the club and an opportunity to have a say and

input into the operation and future of the club. It has also been a great vehicle to bounce off ideas on how we can do things better as a club along with other fund raising and sponsorship opportunities.

We will also be boosting up our communication levels with further

direct emails to keep you informed on club matters, however we also

have a dedicated media and communications team on our committee

who are responsible for our website, facebook and our own club

App which will be up and running before the season starts and great

vehicles for keeping up to date with what is happening at our club.

Guys, this is a critical year for the club and I am calling on all of you

who have played at the Bloods to get back on board and play a role in

getting the club back to the glory days that you were once a part of.

I understand that we are all very busy with life in general these days

with kids sport etc, however if you could make an effort to attend

at least a few key home games and events to support your club, and

enjoy the company of your mates that would be fantastic.

From my perspective I envy you guys that you have a club to call your

own and come back to. I would love to have that opportunity as my

club Kennington is no longer around. Can I say that we should not

take for granted that our club will always be around if we remain

ambivalent and not support our club.

Furthermore the current players have raised on a number of

occasions that they would love to meet up with past players and see

you guys support them, along with getting a feel of the rich history of

the Bloods that you were a key part of building.

You will have recently received an invite to the Graeme Wright

Day and details of the Past Players membership. I would like to

thank those who have taken the initiative to get in and purchase a

membership, however for those yet to take this up, please do so as

soon as possible.

At $75, The Past Players membership is great value as it is half

the cost of a general membership, gets you into all home games

and includes the Graeme Wright Lunch which costs $50 for all non

members. The membership includes a unique key ring identifying

you as a valued Past Player and part of a special group.

I would like to think that ALL Past Players would commit to

purchasing a membership, even if you cannot get to games and/or

live far away. This I believe is a small sacrifice to support the club

and make a statement that you are behind the club that you once

played for and gained so much pleasure from.

This letter therefore is a “Call to Arms” to rally behind your club,

buy a membership, get along to the Graeme Wright Cup Luncheon,

Enjoy each others company and participate in the rise of the Bloods

becoming a force again both on and off the field.

The program for the Greame Wright day will include a talk from Joffa,

the coach, discussing tactics and how he sees the game panning out.

A past player will talk about Graeme, his legacy and what it means to

represent South Bendigo.

Another initiative is to name and present the No.1 Past Player

member/ticket holder to a legend of the club who will be in

attendance and the more past players there to show respect and

support for this legend of the club the better it will be.

We will also have our Sponsors there on the day with our Jumper

sponsors being presented with a signed Jumper from the players

playing in the game.As you can see this is a great way to kick off the year, and build

momentum from there. It will be fantastic to have a full room for this

to happen.

In addition to the Graeme Wright Cup to kick the season off, there

are many great initiatives planned for this year with plenty of

opportunities to get together and enjoy the events planned. Further

details will be provided in due course.

Guys, I am really passionate about the role I have taken on and want

to see some positive results early and continue to build momentum.

We have a solid team on the committee and some great things are

happening, however again we need your support.

I can’t stress enough how important this season is to rebuild the club

and provide a launching pad for success going forward and will keep

up the communication to you throughout the year on other initiatives

the club has in store.

Thank you for taking the time to take on board this important

message. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the

Round 1 Graeme Wright Cup Day and thank you for your support.

Kind Regards,

Rick Townsend