Developing an Advertising Campaign

By: Myles "Mills" Martinez, Jacob Keller, Craig Swangler

Advertising Themes

Some Examples of Advertising Themes are amusement parks such as: Six Flags, Universal Studios, Disney World, etc. These amusement parks advertise the characters and the company where the characters are created. Disney's Advertising Campaign is called "Let the Memories Begin". Universal Studios advertise Marvel Characters in both locations Los Angeles, California and Orlando, Florida. Six Flags advertise Warner Brothers characters most of them from Cartoon Network and DC Comics.

Advertising Creativity

Advertising needs to be really creative with there advertisements or in result if they're not creative they will not grab the people's attention. Most of the time they have different departments for different adds and everyone has a specific job to make sure the add is ready to present out to the public.

Elements of Creativity in Advertising

Their are a lot of creative styles that are used in the Advertising Industry, but most of the time ads share a lot of the common features in the creative world. There are six key points make a creative advertisement. The first one is Creative ads, this point is to trying to get the audience's attention and trying to make a relevant connection with the public. The second element is ads that have unexpectedness; their are many ways to perform this type of element in a advertisement, usually on TV or wherever your watching the ad, they will be presenting their product and then all of a sudden they will just throw something unexpected at the audience and to try to get their attention, it can either be funny, action related, etc.

Synergy from Teams

Most of the advertising campaigns are created by teams that are made of member that have the knowledge of different areas of expertise. The advertising teams get directions from the creative brief, which is a description of what the advertising campaign is to accomplish. Synergy is the sum of the results produced by a team, is important to creative advertising. The main idea of Synergy is that the whole is more/greater than the individual parts. Now the final team is the Brainstorming team. Brainstorming is an organized group approached of generating a large number of ideas in a group setting. Team members during the brainstorming sessions generate a list of ideas to help achieve ideas.

Determine the Desired Results of an Advertising Campaign

All the advertising efforts are directed toward the achievement of the advertising objectives. Most of the time objectives depend on the target market's level of experience with the brand.