Ellen Foster

Kaye Gibbons

By: Tori Wager - 2nd period
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Have you ever been scared of someone your suppose to love? Or been all on your own with no one to help? Ellen has and that's just the start of it. Ever since her mom died she has been moving around from house to house with nothing to call home. She stayed with her art teacher for a while, and she enjoyed it, but she was soon taken to her grandmother where she had to start all over again. Will she ever be able to find a place she could finally call home?
“I might be confused sometimes in my head but it is not something you need to talk about. Before you can talk you have to line it all up in order and I had rather just let it swirl around until I am too tired to think. You just let the motion in your head wear you out. Never think about it. You just make a bigger mess that way.”

- Kaye Gibbons

Barns & Noble fans gives it a 4/5

Kindle review averages also gives it a 4/5

and Google Books reviews it at a 3.5/5

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