Survival Guide For The Everglades

By:Anthony Monares

Climate In The Flordia Everglades

The plane crashed 50 miles north were I jump out.I got 7 days to survive in the Everglades.The temperature is high i only got a few supplies to last me. The everglades is swampy area.

How to Survive In The Florida Everglades

4 way to survive in the Everglades
Rub mud on your face to keep the misquotes off of you at night.
Make a fire to burn away of ticks,and bugs.
Make shelter out of wood to keep the rain off of you.
Find food like turtles fish to eat in the swamp.

""Animals in the Everglades""

Food Source's

A snapping turtle can be useful to you in the everglades because it food to you.
The snapping turtle is dangerous because of the snapper on is mouth can take your finger off in a bite.

Florida Everglades

Pictures of animals in the Everglages

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""Plants in the Everglades""

Spanish Moss
Black Mangrove
White Fragrant Water Lily
Spanish moss is good to you because you can easily start a fire with it.
This plant is no-harmful to you.
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