Mercury Madness!

Come and visit the planet of Mercury Only $1,000 per person

Our Hotel✨

Our hotel comes with oxygen tanks for the ability to breathe!
We have our luxury hot tubs heated by the sun itself!

you get cooling systems hooked up to you so you don't burn to death!

Each room comes with a queen size bed and a 68 in flat screen tv!

Events! 🍬

The events we offer are

  • Anti-Gravity Flying chamber of Awesome!
  • Earth Adventure! Go see Earth from SPACE!
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Ten mad facts about Mercury!

  • Due to Mercury's proximity it is not easily seen except during twilight.
  • A year on Mercury is 88 days long.
  • Mercury has wrinkles on it's surface scientists named Lobate Scarps
  • Mercury is the second hottest planet in the solar system
  • Mercury has no moons
  • Mercury is the most crated planet in the solar system
  • Mercury is the 2nd most densest planet in our solar system
  • Mercury is the closet planet to the sun
  • Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system
  • Only 2 spacecrafts have visited Mercury


Q1: Can humans live on the planet? If not why?

A1: No humans cannot survive on Mercury because there is only a limited supply of oxygen. Also because it would probably burn everyone because it is the closet planet to the sun and has frozen water deep inside the planet so it is not accessible.

Q2: Could visitors take side trips to the moon?

A2: No, because there is no moons on Mercury.

Q3: What does the surface of the planet look like?

A3:It has many craters and it has lots of wrinkles called Lobate Scarps

Q4: How would humans adapt to these conditions?

A4: They would have to learn to breathe in many different types of gases and would have to be able to go through intense heat and having no water