K-2 Team Newsletter

Summer Updates #1

Principal's Message

Hope you all are doing something to enjoy your summer breaks, for me it's eating ice-cream hence the background. We are so excited to share these updates with you all. Our admin team has been immersed in planning in order to have a strong start to our 20-21 school year. The first thing we wanted to address was the start/stop/continue feedback which you’ll see below. We analyzed it and created some actionable next steps. We cannot do all the things but wanted to highlight our commitments for this year. Some items we are still working on such as RTI, so we’ll share those key areas of focus later. Please reach out if you have any questions!
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Action Steps From Start/Stop/Continue


  • We received conflicting feedback on how we give feedback. In an attempt to blend the feedback given, we want to name and norm our system so that we are all on the same page. When administrators come into classrooms with computers or a note-taking system, we will commit to providing emailed feedback as soon as possible within 24 hours. If administrators do not have a computer or a note-taking system, we are there to enjoy your wonderful classroom environment, partake in joyful student learning, and check on you!

  • Admin will commit to utilizing monthly surveys (a survey specifically built for K-2 teachers) to provide teachers with a place to give feedback or state thoughts or concerns.

  • Admin will give feedback in both whole group and small group settings


  • Still working on this...updates to come


  • Newsletter will be sent Monday morning

  • During the school year we will no longer include multiple intro blurbs before each section to cut down on words

  • We will try to give at least 2 weeks notice for any events and expectations

  • We will commit to clear communication before SPED, S-Team, and Behavior meetings with parents to ensure all EEP stakeholders are on the same page.

  • During summer PD, the admin team will communicate expectations around adult culture and professionalism.

Scholar Culture

  • We heard that teachers would like to see more family events based around building joy in our community. Admin will commit to hosting and holding place for family playdates on school grounds where admin will be present and teachers, students, and families will be invited to attend if they are able. Reach out to Ayana if you have any questions about this change.

  • There will be a family night Lighthouse committee that will help plan events in order to increase family involvement

Grade Level Meetings

  • Admin reps will not be utilized for GLMs but will attend meetings twice a month (Culture/SEL and Academics)

  • Leads can choose their own note-taking system but add admin to your doc so we can review and respond to questions etc.


  • All consequences issued to scholars will come from our consequence guide

  • An incentive calendar will be sent out each quarter to highlight which scholar incentives will happen, and when

  • Scholars will no longer escort each other back to class from recommitment room

  • There will be a pre-set readiness checklist for scholars to complete before re-entering class

  • Scholars will no longer run errands from the recommitment room

  • Culture and SEL will work closely together on Leader in Me Habits

  • DOC will consult and communicate with team members around suspension decisions

  • DOC will not be holding a dismissal club, due to lack of personnel (we don’t have an associate dean to support this)


  • Leader in Me leadership notebooks will be explained and discussed in July PD

  • Teachers will receive a calendar alert before leadership notebooks are needed for events, or due

  • Rokicki will have a discussion with GLLs about timing of lesson before scheduling for the year

  • Each teacher K-8 will be part of an assigned Lighthouse committee throughout the year, as part of Leader in Me

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School Wide Focus

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

The executive team met yesterday and has been working to analyze the data received from the focus groups that occurred back in February and in light of the current climate of America in regards to race, diversity, and inclusiveness are figuring out next steps to roll out DEI at EEP. Just wanted to acknowledge that there is work being done and once we are able to share solidified next steps I definitely will.

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Deans of Academics

Hi K-2 team! For the new friends, we’re Molly and Ayana and we are so excited to be your academic deans this year. We know there are a lot of changes happening with curriculum this year- we recognize that everything will not be perfect, but we are committed to supporting you and our scholars as we internalize, implement, and rock out our two new curriculums!

ELA: Everyone should have received their Unit 1 Unpacking materials for CKLA. Your unpacked unit is due by Monday, July 13th but you can turn it in anytime between now and then!

Math: After attending the leadership institute for Achievement First, we are going to hold off on assigning pre-work until July 6th. As of today, we are unsure if PD will be virtual or in person and don’t want to assign any pre-work until we know for sure in order to maximize your time. If we end up assigning pre-work on July 6th, you will have two full weeks to complete. Thank you for your flexibility as we continue to navigate this time of uncertainty.

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Dean of Culture

My name is Carolyn Trimble and I am so excited to be working with the K-2 team this year as the Dean of Culture. Over the summer I have been working with Mrs. Rokicki, and together we have been organizing and planning for a terrific 20-21 school year. I am looking forward to working with everyone and having a successful year! Please see above for changes that will happen in the RC room and beyond during the 20-21 school year. I am looking forward to working with you and our scholars!

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Dean of SEL

I hope that everyone is doing some major self-care during this time away from work. The SEL program looks pretty similar for the 20-21 school year, with a higher focus on Leader in Me and community advocacy. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. If you need a thought partner during summer planning, let me know as well.

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Summer PD Dates

July 13-17: New Teacher PD

July 20-28: All Staff PD

We will know if we are going to be face to face or virtual for our summer sessions on July 6th. We will send out an email and also post on SLACK.

Note: If you are a returner and would like to help lead or co-lead some summer sessions please let us know! You can email the admin team what you are interested in supporting (culture/sel, academics, or both) and we’ll reach back out with available opportunities! Please be specific if there are certain things you know are strengths or key areas of interest.

TpT Resources

June 30th is the last day to download resources. If you are interested in getting more resources please SLACK in the new group Tori made for our Team (under #general) so I can see how many people then I can divide the remaining resources amongst you all.

Staff Bios

Please complete your staff bio if you haven’t already done so. It was due June 6th and we want to be sure everyone is represented.

Medication Training

Grade Level Leads will need to complete medication training. An email was sent and the training will be virtual. The best date seems to be July 17th to ensure it’s completed before school starts.

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Upcoming Events

July 13th-17th

  • New Teacher PD

July 20th-28th

  • All Staff PD (All Staff Report)

July 27th

  • Kick-Off Night

July 29th-30th

  • Kinder Camp

July 31st

  • Staff PD Day

August 3rd

  • First Day of School

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal