Maple Trees to Syrup



Syrup! Do you know where syrup comes from? Maple trees yes correct. Leafs wrong but close. Syrup is good with food at least I think that. Drink a bottle. Do not you will get sick!


Syrup gets harvested from heavy duty tubing. It goes to the little house from tubing and gets boiled.(not factory) It is then put in tubing and sent to the sugar house that is the factory.


At the factory sap becomes maple syrup. First they stir the sap. Next go to the evaporator keep boiling. Third they test the sugar level with a hydrotherm. A hydrotherm is to test the sugar level so you don't go bonkers. Finally it is in the filter room to remove calcium and other stuff. they put it in bottles and to the store.


What is the product? The product is syrup. People buy it because it is sweet. People use it for pancakes. Sometimes they put it on ice cream.

Fun Facts

A fact about syrup is that you need 35 gallons of sap for 1 bottle of syrup. Sometimes they recycle bottles. The makers know it is done just by looking at it.


Maple syrup does not come from maple trees. Do not drink a bottle. Sick. Syrup the fine sons and daughters of maple trees.
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