Stand For Truth Rally - New Orleans

Justice for Whistleblowers

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Stand with Snowden! Stand with Manning!

July 26th! 12 pm!
We will rally at the Federal Building in New Orleans and hold an open mic. Rally to Free Bradley Manning, protect him as a whistle-blower, and Drop the Aiding the Enemy Charge!
Then we go up to Senator Mary Landrieu's office to demand the peaceful asylum for Snowden and a halt to NSA surveillance!

Justice for Whistle-blowers Rally

Friday, July 26th 2013 at 12pm

500 Poydras St

New Orleans, LA

Bring water and umbrellas for the protection from the heat! Bring whistles! Bring signs! Bring banners! Bring instruments! Bring your cameras!

Suggested hashtags if live-tweeting this event!

#Justice4All #Stand4Truth

This rally will be livestreamed by Occupy the Stage and small affair. Stream links are here:

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Support Videos!

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