Angel Di Maria

Every thing about Di Maria


You think you know the basics of futbol players like Messi and Ronaldo, but what do you really know about the less popular players such as Angel Di Maria?

Who is Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria is a Argentinian professional futbol player in Ligue 1. This is a French league for soccer. He is mostly known for playing on 3 of the biggest teams in the world. Including Real Madrid, Manchester UTD, and PSG.

What kind of style does he use to play?

Angel is a quick,tricky and talented winger and sometimes CAM, making him wanted by many multi-million dollar teams.He was transferred to 3 different teams in only 5 years because of this! Many professional soccer players only play on 1 or 2 teams their entire lives.

What is his relationship with his former teammates?

One of the teams he played on was Real Madrid which he played on for for 4 years. He still has close relationships with a lot of their players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. He was then transferred to Manchester United and only played with them for one year mostly because he chose not to learn the landuage and culture of England. He also never had that close of a relationship with a lot of the players on Manchester UTD. Another reason why he moved is because his house was robbed and him and his wife and one year old daughter didn't feel safe there anymore.

Why did he transfer teams?

He now plays for PSG also known as Paris Saint-Getman and is hated by many Manchester UTD fans. They are furious at him for transferring teams so fast even after he wanted to become an "Old Trafford legend". This is not true and it shows he only wanted to play for them for the money. He was signed by Real Madrid for a large $67.8 to go play for them. And then quickly took up the offer of $90.7 million from them to PSG. This makes him a very rich player which many people thinks he doesn't deserve that much money and is over rated.