Surrendered Heart

Stephanie Perry Moore


  • Payton's grandfather dies in the beginning
  • Payton's best friend comes close to getting raped
  • Payton's ex- boyfriend's brother dies in a gun shooting

phrases: " i went into the kitchen to get my grandfather some water, it had been twenty minutes since i had talked to him......Papa"

Paytons was so worried about her family all getting along during Christmas. She goes to her grandfather for advice about what she should do. She asked where were her aunts and uncles her grandfather answers by telling him they went out on the front porch and asked if she could get him some water. She goes to get him some water and then he lays down. Wake up she said softly, wake up and drink some water. She paused touching his chest to acknowledge the fact that he wasn't breathing.

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Facts on the Books

Payton Skky is a young woman whos life has been full of ups and downs. She needed to find a way to escape all of the pain and horrible factors in her life. And that way was through the strength, faith, and power of God. Though she may not have have had it easy through the years she found he strong hold that would keep her going and lift her spirits to know that everything would be ok. All thanks to the power of God where her belief freed her from a life long stride for closure.

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