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Lion News - Episode #13

Woodcreek C.A.R.E.S.

Have you seen a WMS staff member doing exceptional things? If so feel free to recognize them with a virtual pat on the back via our Woodcreek C.A.R.E.S. form. Teacher and staff work through a lot of issues daily, and it is always great for them to hear some positive feedback from our stakeholders. See the link below to give a high-five to staff you feel should be positively recognized!

Woodcreek Academic Updates & Assessment/Testing

Social Studies

  • 6th: This week students wrapped up the North America Unit. When we return from the break we will begin the South America Unit. Students will discover the varying cultures and lifestyles of the people of South America. The exam for the South American Unit will be given on Friday, February 24th. Have a fantastic break!

  • 7th: Texas History students spent the week learning about the beginning of the Republic of Texas, with a focus on all of the problems that the Republic would face. When we return from the break, we will focus on the Houston and Lamar administrations. The next test will be on Wednesday, February 22. Enjoy the break!

  • 8th: This week, students concluded Unit 7 covering the “Era of Good Feelings” as well as the Industrial Revolution. When students return from break, we will be analyzing the presidency of Andrew Jackson and the implications it had on our country. We will take the exam over this unit on Friday, March 3rd. HEADS UP: Geography Test #3 will take place on Friday, February 17. (The Friday we return from break) Have an awesome February break!


  • 6th: After the February Break, On Level students will wrap up the Equations and Inequalities with an assessment on Tuesday February 14th. Advanced students will finish the Algebraic Representations Unit and take their assessment on Friday February 17th.

  • 7th: Upon returning from February break, Advanced 7th grade mathematicians will demonstrate their knowledge of volume with a Summative Assessment then begin exploring the concept of surface area. On-Level 7th grade mathematicians will continue exploring the area and circumference of full, quarter, and semi circles then explore areas of composite figures.

  • 8th: 8th Grade completed the Unit on Volume and will begin Surface Area the week after the February break. Please ensure that your student is caught up on assignments. The Assessment for Surface Area will be February 28th.

  • Algebra: As we come up to February Break, I wanted to remind you all that while we completed an assessment on 2/ 17, on the Friday returning from break. The week following break will center on dividing Polynomials, which is tied to Factoring.


  • 6th: This week students will continue their independent reading during the first 10 minutes of class. Students will apply skills such as text structure, graphic features, and writing to create an informational magazine.

  • 7th: This week students will continue their independent reading during the first 10 minutes of class. The students will read and analyze points of view/perspectives, character development, author’s purpose, and plot development in their book club books.

  • 8th: This week students will continue their independent reading with their book club book during the first 10 minutes of class. Students will use their book club book to review skills and make connections between their book and nonfiction texts. Book Quiz 2/17.


  • 6th: This week 6th grade scientists will learn about the different layers of the Earth by creating a model.

  • 7th: This week 7th grade scientists will learn about how plants respond to different stimuli. They will discover what makes plants bend in strange ways, wilt and wrap around trees.

  • 8th: This week 8th grade scientists will continue to explore speed and distance time graphs. Students will also deepen their understanding by learning the difference between speed, velocity and acceleration.


  • This week students will continue learning about higher education by preparing for and engaging in a Socratic Seminar.

  • 6th grade will go on their second and final field trip of the year to Texas Southern University (TSU) on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023

  • 8th graders will go on their first field trip of the year to UH- Clear Lake on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023

Student Council

StuCo is accepting donations for our Butterfly/Pollinator Garden.

  • Our main focus is to help our student body, and community by bringing awareness to the crisis facing butterflies, birds and other insects that pollinate.

  • We will be in the morning car rider line starting Feb. 13 with posters asking for your support and donations.

  • Some items we are looking forward to collect are:

    • Bird Baths

    • Nectar bottles

    • Watering cans/ water hoses

    • Hummingbird feeders

    • soil/ fertilizers

    • mulch/ for compost bin

    • Flowering seeds that attract Monarch butterflies, and other animals that pollinate

    • Lumber to build our flower beds

    • Fruit trees

We will eventually like to have the garden to also be edible. We have a layout as to how the garden will be built. We are striving to have most of it up by Earth Day. Please join in with us in this adventure.

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On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, all 8th grade students will take the PreACT 8/9.

The PreACT 8/9 is an ACT paper multiple choice assessment that gives students an early measure of college and career readiness while providing performance predictions and instructional support/ guidance. The results of this test will not be used for a grade and it will not affect any placement or program in which your child may want to participate.

The PreACT 8/9 test has a total of 4 sections to be given in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Please see the test breakdown below:

o English: 30 min. - 45 questions

o Math: 40 min.- 36 questions

o Reading: 30 min.- 25 questions (with 3 passages)

o Science: 30 min.- 30 questions

Important Information for Parents and Students:

Please visit the ACT Overview Page for more information about the PreACT 8/9.

Please visit PreACT 8/9 Test Taking Tips for Test Day document for more detailed information about the PreACT 8/9 Test.

State Assessment & Testing (STAAR)

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) test is being redesigned to make the test more tightly aligned to the classroom experience.

The STAAR redesign is a result of House Bill (HB) 3906 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019. The Texas Education Agency (TEA), working with a wide range of education stakeholders, including the Assessment Education Advisory Committee, has been exploring the most instructionally supportive approach to implementing these changes. The redesign will be implemented in the state summative assessments administered in the 2022–2023 school year.

The STAAR redesign includes several components:

For more information about how the STAAR redesign improves alignment to the classroom experience, hear what teachers are saying, reference the STAAR Redesign February 2022 Presentation (PDF, posted 3/7/22), or see below for more information about each component. For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), please reference the STAAR Redesign FAQ (PDF, updated 8/30/22). You may access the STAAR online testing platform for practice here.

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Library/Media Center

  • Hack club will be meeting on Wednesday, February 15th from 4-5 pm in the library.

  • Battle of the books club members will continue to meet during lunches on Wednesdays.

  • Project Lit will meet next Thursday, February 16th at 9 am to discuss the book, Amari and the Night Brothers, by BB Alston.

  • Students participating in the library reading challenges need to look at upcoming deadlines to make sure they receive invitations to those celebrations. Please visit the Library Activities page to find out more information.

  • The Library has published its first two episodes of the Lions in the Library PODCAST! It’s available on Spotify and the school website.

PBIS Rewards

Parents! We are still accepting donations for our ELITE points raffles. Our first raffle will take place on Friday, September 23rd. Please click the links below to see how you can donate and to see the details of the WMS PBIS rewards system.

7th Grade Trip Reschedule

Our 7th grade students will be returning to AR's Entertainment Hub on Wednesday, January 15th, due to their shortened initial field trip experience!

If you have any questions, please email

Personalized Learning Department

Upcoming Events

  • 2/13 - 2/17 - Friendship Week - Students will learn about the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.
  • 2/23 - Mental Health Fair at AHS 6 - 8 p.m.

The course selection process has begun! We have successfully selected our requested courses for our Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. You will receive an email in the next couple of weeks with instructions on how to access Naviance and approve your child’s plan. Please visit our website to find all recorded meetings and documents.

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Mrs. Cavazos - 6th Grade Counselor

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Cavazos

Ms. Watkins - 7th Grade Counselor

Questions/Concerns to Ms. Watkins

Mrs. Reyna - 8th Grade/ Lead Counselor

Questions/Concerns for Mrs. Reyna

Woodcreek PTO

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  • 6th grade officially meets Tuesdays after school until 4:45.

  • 7th and 8th grade officially meets Thursday after school until 4:45

  • Students are welcome to come other days upon request until 4:45

  • Planning for a WMS robotics competition is starting!

Please contact me with any questions!

Chess Club

  • We will resume our normal schedule after break!

  • 6th grade meets on Tuesdays in RM 210 from 4:00-4:45

  • 7th/8th grade meets on Thursday in RM 210 from 4:00-4:45

Dungeons & Dragons Club

  • We meet on Tuesdays in RM 216 from 4-5:30pm

Woodcreek Athletics

Boys and Girls Track Schedule 2023

2/15/23 Atascocita High School (WMS, WLMS, TMS)

2/22/23 Summer Creek High School (WMS, HMS, CMS) We host this event

3/2/23 Atascocita High School (WMS, AMS, KMS)

3/9/23 Turner Stadium (WMS, SMS, ARMS)

3/21-23/23 District Track Meet @ Turner Stadium

3/6 Soccer tryouts begin


  • Yearbooks are still on sale! Yearbooks are $40 between now and the end of the school year until supplies last. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own a piece of this amazing year at WMS! If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Russell (

Visual Arts

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Brooks has joined the Art Department. We appreciate her experience and expertise, and we know she will bring so much positive energy to the Art department. Please be sure and welcome her to room 308. Beginning Art students will continue learning about the 7 Art Elements with this week’s concentration being “Color.” They will be studying the color wheel and creating with warm and cool colors, as well as the rainbow. Other Art classes will be exploring and creating using one of the Art Principles of Design, “Pattern” while studying yarn Art. Remember…Art is for EVERYONE!


Incoming 6th Graders 23-24 School Year

Instrument Fittings for students to be fitted for beginner instruments for the 2023-2024 School Year.

Use the link below to select a window of time. At least 1 parent and the student will need to be in attendance.

  • March 22, 4:30-6:30 Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon. Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba Click Here to Sign Up for Mar 22, 2023
  • March 29 4:30-6:30 Percussion Evaluations and Make-up for all Instruments Click Here to Sign Up for Mar 29, 2023

Please Explore the Be Part of the Band Website. Have students complete the Matching Tool Survey by Friday March 17. This website has videos of all of the beginner instruments and has lots of information for parents as well. Be Part of the Band

  • 6th Grade Band: Trip to Big Rivers Water Park click here for information

  • 7th and 8th Grade Band: Trip to Fiesta Texas San Antonio click here for info.

Symphonic Band: Sectionals will continue until the First week of March
    • Friday Feb 24th Pre UIL 5:30-7:30 @ KPark (details coming soon)

    • Thursday March 2nd UIL Parent Concert 7:00 WMS

    • Tuesday March 7th UIL Times Coming Soon

Honors Band:
    • Monday Feb 20th Evening Rehearsal 5:30-7:30 Dinner Served from 4:30-5:00

    • Friday Feb 24th Pre UIL 7:00-9:00 @ KPark HS (details coming soon)

    • Monday March 6th UIL Parent Concert 7:00 WMS

    • Wednesday March 8th UIL Details coming soon

8th Grade Band Dates:
    • March 25- marching Blitz 8:30-11:30 am

    • March 28- Physicals at SCHS $20 (information coming about this)

    • April 24-May 5 Band Placement Auditions on your campus (sometime during these 2 weeks)

    • April 25, 27, May 2,4 -Pad Camps (percussion)

    • May 16 & 18- Freshman Marching Camp

    • May 31-June 2 Percussion Camp


  • Feb 13 - FYO Orange Belt Test

  • Feb 13 - Camerata, Chamber, Sinfonia - C Major (2 octave) Scale Dojo Test!

    • Make up tests ONLY every Wednesday before school (Chamber in Advisory).

  • Feb 14 - PreUIL during classes for Camerata, Sinfonia, Chamber.

  • Feb 18 - First Payment Due for Spring Trips.

  • Feb 28 - UIL for Camerata warm up at 7:30 AM, Sinfonia warm up at 11:30 AM, and Chamber warm up at 4:00 PM!!!

  • Mar 7 - FYO Solo Contest after school


Here is the Spring Choir itinerary for all of the WMS Choirs. Please put these very important dates on your calendar!

Cub Choir

  • Saturday, April 22nd- Solo and Ensemble

  • Saturday. April 29th- Fine Arts Festival

  • Choir Spring Trips (6th, 7th & 8th) - TBD in May

  • Thursday, May 18th- Cub Concert @ 7:00 pm

Bel Canto Chorus, Adagio Chorus, Dolce Chorus & Treble Choir

  • Friday, February 17th –Pre-U.I.L (Times TBA)

  • Thursday or Friday, March 2nd/3rd– U.I.L (Exact Times TBA)

  • Thursday, April 13th- Spring Concert @ 7:00 pm

  • Saturday, April 22nd- Solo and Ensemble

  • Choir Spring Trips (6th, 7th & 8th) - TBD in May

  • Tuesday, May 9th- Pop Show @ 7:00 pm


  • UIL One Act Play Zone Contest. WMS Theatre competed at the UIL One Act Play Zone Contest with their production of ABOMINABLE by Michael T. Hesford on Saturday, 1/21, @ KPark HS. The UIL Company did AMAZINGLY WELL! WMS UIL Company Advanced to the District contest and took home several awards!

    • Best Performer/Actress Yazmarie RiveraOrtiz

    • Best Tech Crew Woodcreek MS

    • Best Technician Katrina Logan

    • All-Star Cast Kenyon Quach

    • All-Star Cast Aliyah Cantu

    • Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Marco Ramirez

    • Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Molly Gorrell

  • District Contest: WMS UIL Company will perform at the District level contest on 2/4/23. They are scheduled to perform at 3 PM @ Summer Creek High School. Friends, family, & the public are invited to watch all performances!

  • Theatre Classes: We are almost 6 weeks into the semester and we are working on projects! In order to provide many of the necessary supplies, students must pay their class fees. Please check out this link to pay class fees for Intro (6th graders), Theatre I, & Technical Theatre. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about this class fee.

    • Mrs. Maake is marking in the gradebook (ungraded) if students have paid their class fees. Please make sure to pay that fee asap.

  • Drama Club: Our next Drama Club Meeting is Tuesday, January 31 @ 7:45 am. All Drama Club Members are invited. We will do a DRAMA CLUB BREAKFAST. All members should bring a breakfast item to share. Officers should each bring a jug of juice to share.

If you are new to theatre or have decided you would like to join Drama Club (and were not a member last semester), please complete this form, so you will get all Drama Club emails!


WMS Dance:

**Friendly reminder if the WMS Dance Fee has not been paid please pay on RevTrack.**

In order to provide many of the necessary supplies for the classroom and upcoming Spring Show, students must pay their class fee.

Students that paid during the first semester do not need to pay again.

Dance Class Fee Link

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WMS Lionettes Dance Team:

Lionettes will compete on February 18th at Clear Lake High School with Crowd Pleasers Dance Company. The Lionettes will compete in 3 team dances: jazz, hip hop, and contemporary. The Lionettes must compete in 3 different dance styles in order to show their versatility in dance.


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Do you have that special someone, secret admirer, or a teacher that has made a positive impact in your life? Well, Valentine’s Day is just a month away, and what better way to give a token of love! Rosebuds will begin their pre-sales for Valentine’s Love Grams on January 23rd-27th during all lunches. Each gram will include an array of goodies, including but not limited to, candy, cake snacks, teddy bear key chains, chips, etc.

$4.00- Small bag

$7.50- Medium box

$10.00- Large box

Get them while supplies last! -- Scan the QR code to purchase yours online now!

Important Dates: Rosebuds Galentine’s Day Celebration, Monday, February 13, 2023. This will be hosted in room 411, from 4:00-5:00.

WMS Campus Procedure Reminders

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Food Deliveries from Paid Delivery Services NOT ALLOWED

Woodcreek DOES NOT allow or accept food deliveries from paid delivery services (DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc.). All delivers from services of these types will be denied and WMS is not responsible for any loss of cost or food. However, parents/guardians are welcome on campus, and ARE ALLOWED to drop food off to their student.


If you are planning to pick-up your child early, you must do so BEFORE 3:15 PM. You must have an administrators' approval if you are in need of picking up your child after the 3:15 PM cut-off time.

WMS Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Please be sure that all before and after school student pick-ups and drop-offs occur in the front of the school. The bus ramp area is for buses and transportation service vehicles only.

Woodcreek's Big 3:

Be on Time.

Wear Your ID.

Put Your Phone Away.

Morning Wandering & Tardy Consequences

Below are the consequences that will be assigned for tardies:

  • 1st & 2nd Tardy: Warnings
  • 3rd & 4th Tardy: Parent Phone Call & After-School Detention
  • 5th & 6th Tardy: Parent Conference & Thursday Class Assigned
  • 7th+ Tardy: ISS Assigned and Intervention Planned w/Parents

**All tardies will be cleared at the conclusion of each 9-week grading period**


Reminder that all students must wear a student ID at all times throughout the school day.


Cell phones must not be visible during school hours unless they are being used in the classroom for instructional purposes, as determined by the teacher.

  • 1st Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will be returned to the student at the end of the day.
  • 2nd Offense: Parent will be contacted & the phone will ONLY be returned to the parent.
  • 3rd Offense: Parent will be contacted, the phone will ONLY be returned to a parent/guardian, & ISS will be assigned to the student.
  • 4th Offense: Parent will be contacted, cell phone will be checked-in daily & returned to the student at the end of the school day.