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Do you have good Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is an ill thing that just happens to fall upon many kids. Many of the kids that have the bad behavior have often gotten it from their parents because they are either way too caught up in the sport for the age o their child or they have the bold spirit to try and oppose the ref with the ideas that they have of their own. The cause of man fights after games or even sometimes before have often occurred because someone has said something that has gotten to the other people. We as the other people who have the words meant for them have to have the stronger mind and heart to try and forget what the other person has said. “It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game." As it states on the site beachreport. There is no point in playing the game if you end in a fight i mean they’re supposed to be competitive but not s competitive that you hate each other at the end of the fun game. This can cause many things you can either be thrown out of a game or you will be warned/ asked to leave nicely or to compose your self before continuing to play. There is only a few ways that this can be prevented and even some of those things are not the best. You can set a star example or try to stop the people that will do it before they even do it. Neither of those tactics will really work that well. you can only cause more trouble so the best way is to stay out of trouble and let the officials/ parents do all of the work

Positive Reinforcement

People usually have bad sportsmanship when they win but they can have it when they lose. The ways that you can try to fix this is...

  1. Promise a reward if they have good sportsmanship so many times in a row

  2. Congratulate them before they can do anything destructive.

  3. Threaten them if they don't

  4. Start early and teach them to be polite and kind

  5. Try to help them along the way and show how to have good sportsmanship

Sportsmanship we all have it but do we use it?

Negative Reinforcement

One of the bad ways to show sportsmanship is to…

  1. Yell at the referees or coaches in the game that they are making the wrong decision

  2. Let your kids make fun of the other team because they lost or won

  3. Referees not stopping sportsmanship when it is happening

I try not to think of these reasons so I can have the best sportsmanship possible

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