Design Styles

Create newsletters that stand out!

Beautiful design is at the heart of Smore. We offer various design styles from which you can choose unique backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Whatever the message and whatever the mood, we've got a style for you!

We are always adding new design options to keep your newsletters and newsletters looking fresh :)

Design Style 1: Minimal

The Minimal design style is all about simplicity. The design options are clean, light, and airy. You can go ultra minimalistic with a simple white background or take it a step further with an elegant and fun pattern. With Minimal, you also have the option to introduce a hint of color, giving your message a subtle pop.

Design Style 2: Modern

The Modern design style captures the images, vibrancy, colors, and patterns inherent in urban landscapes. Accompanied by forward-facing typography, Modern makes the perfect choice for events, classifieds, and hiring ads.

Design Style 3: Vintage

Nostalgic, whimsical, and playful, we love the Vintage design style for its chic nod to a bygone era. Vintage adds stunning ambiance to fashion conscience newsletters, special parties and events, or if you just want to drop someone special a note. It pairs well with your Instagram photos too!

Design Style 4: Handwritten

Handwritten is light hearted and down to earth. Whether you want to promote a school or art event, share a recipe, or create a newsletter with a homemade touch, Handwritten will add the right amount of coziness to your design.

Design Style 5: Seasonal

Every so often, we like to change things up by adding a design style that reflects the season. This can include new backgrounds for spring, summer, and holidays. Keep your eye out for these treats!

Custom Backgrounds

If you are a Pro User, you have the ability to upload your own custom image backgrounds.

Keep in mind that backgrounds must fulfill these three requirements:

  • JPG or JPEG file
  • At least 1,500x1,000 pixels
  • At most 10MB

For more info on Custom Backgrounds click here.

Design Limitations

There are some restrictions on design at Smore. These may change in the future, but currently we do not support:

  • including personal logos in the title section
  • changing font size
  • editing the spacing between sections
  • creating "page breaks" for printing

Need more info?

For more information, visit our full FAQ library. If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service team at