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Red Hill Salamader.

The Red hill Salamander (RHS)

Alias: Phaeognathus hubrichti

  • The Red hill salamander is the only terrestrial vertebrate thats confined to Alabama.
  • its From the red hill region of Alabama.
  • Its A member of the Group Phaeognathus.
  • To help The animal the U.S Fish and wildlife Service listed them as Threatened in 1977 on January 3.
  • Around 60% of its Home is by the paper companies.
  • The red hill Salamander is the state amphibian of Alabama.
  • The Red hill salamander can grow up to about 11 inches Long.
  • Its Body Has no markings and it breathes through its smooth/Slimy skin.
  • We Could Probably Help the chances of seeing the red hill salamander by not taking away its Space, and not cutting down the trees .
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