The Dark Days

All About Depression



  • You may start cutting yourself wanting to feel something or end your life, and may experience unexplained pains in your head and back.
  • You may find yourself getting more irritable and angry at small things such as someone bumping into you.
  • Loss of interest with sports, hobbies, and social interaction such as going out with your friends.
  • You may be more Anxious agitated or restless than usual. For example while taking a test you might get very nervous and find yourself unable to complete your test.
  • Tiredness and lack of energy, so even small tasks take lots of effort


A Celebrity That Suffered From Depression: Robin Williams

Robin Williams had recently suffered from a divorce and a heart surgery. Few people thought he was in danger because he hid it so well while filming various movies and television shows. Sadly what they didn't realize was that he was so depressed that he felt he couldn't live any longer, and sadly ended up hanging himself. As you can see depression is a serious illness, and if you or a friend have the symptoms you should seek help immediately.

Suicide Hot Lines: We care Inc