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Week of February 4- 8

iStation Challenge

As many of you know, iStation is a very valuable tool that not only helps our students but helps teachers as well. For teachers, it can confirm our notions about strengths and weaknesses and it can help guide our interventions and lessons. For students, it's like their own personal tutor. It gives them exactly what they need to grow and focus on. My students rotate through the computers weekly so that they may utilize iStation but the reality is there is not enough time or technology to get every child on every day. So here is my challenge to you and your kiddos. Have your child on iStation at home 1 hour a week. This one hour can make a HUGE impact on their education and can further the groundwork that I set in class. Your children are bright shining stars and with this little tool, their light will shine brighter!

Do you accept my challenge,

Destine' Grobe

What's Happening At McGowen?

Important Dates and This Week's Objectives

February 4-8

Tuesday: Chick-Fil-A Night (1st Grade)

Friday: Good News Club @ 3:15 (4th Grade meets in Grobe's room)

February 11-15

Monday: Boosterthon Pep Rally @ 1:45

Tuesday: PTA Meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday: Progress Reports

Thursday: Valentine's Day Party @ 2:00

Friday: Good News Club @ 3:15 (4th Grade meets in Grobe's room)



I will understand, analyze, and create specific types of poems.

I will continue reading Maniac Magee and discuss specific elements within the book.

Social Studies:

Explain and explore issues and events leading up to the annexation of Texas by the United States.