Library Lookout

May 2, 2016

MAP Testing

  • you decide the date and time between May 9-17 (discuss with SpEd/ALP)
  • record your testing time in the Google Doc shared with you called "MAP Spring 2016: Schedule and Makeups"

3rd - 5th Grades

  • in classrooms using iPads
  • plan for a 90 minute testing time, including set-up and log-in, to reduce the number of make-ups

2nd Grade

  • in your classrooms using:
  1. laptops (you reserve them using Google calendar)
  2. lab (ask Lisa to schedule, but you will be running it on your own) - OR -
  3. Chromebooks - require logging in with a special username and password (you reserve them using Google calendar)
  • plan for a 75 minute testing time, NOT including set-up and log-in, to reduce the number of make-ups


  • Please record which students were absent after each of your testing sessions in the Google doc
  • Lisa/Natalie will pull students who need to makeup test May 18-20.
  • Since you are in your classroom, please use as much time as you need for MOST students to finish the test. If you have 2-3 students who still need time, add them to the Google doc

End of Year Dates

Last Day of Checkout - May 20
Last Day of Library Classes - May 27

Missing Keyboards

Please have your students check their desks. We are still missing a few keyboards (unless someone returned them sneakily)!

Family Reading Night

The theme for Family Reading Night next year is.......


Save the date: Wednesday, November 2

If you have a ballot box or anything else that fits the theme, please let me know!

PS. I will NOT be talking about the presidential candidates. Instead, we're going to "elect" a book character!