Species interaction project

kory rayburg Jackson Gaido


Species interaction basically refers to positive and negative associations between species that favor or inhibit mutual growth. part of species interactions are competition,mutualism, predation, parsitism, mutualism, and commensalism. 11 months ago


competition is when two different species will fight for the same resources. a good example of competiton is when to elk will start fighting with their antlers for food, or a female elk.
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predation is simply when a predator will feed on its prey or hunt for its prey. A great example of predation is when a lion will catch a water buafflo or when na snake will hunt for mice.
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parasitism is when one organism the parasite, will benefit from another organism at their expense. an example of parasitism is the sunfish and all of the parasites that leech off of it. the sunfish is a host of around 40 parasites like flatworms, round worms, and sea lice.
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 mutaulism is a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association. a good example of mutualism is with the  sea anemones and hermit crab; the sea anemones give protection to the crab using its stinging cells, and it remoulds its shell to fit the crab while the hermit crab allows the sea anemones to consume the remains of its food, thus it also provides the sea anemones with food supply, which makes it a relationship beneficial to both.
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commensalism is when one organism benefits from the other without even affecting the other organism. an example of commensalism is with a remora and a shark or bigger fish. the remora tags along with the shark eating the remains of the food without affecting shark.
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Summary about Competiton

competition in ecology is the utilizxation of the same resources by organisms of the same or different species living together in a community. within a species either all memebers obtain part of unecessary resource such as food or space. the closer the requirements of two different species the less likely is it that they can exist in the same area.http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/129779/competition