taking care of our planet

BY Juliana Arbona

The importance of recycling

Recycling is important for our enviroment because it is one method that is encharged of the wastes that we produce, by recycling we are avoiding the production of more and more wastes, this contributes to reduce the quantity of trash in order to stop pollution and to keep a clean world for our future generations
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Economic benefits from recycling

  • Recycling saves money, its cheaper to create new objects from recyclable materials
  • More jobs and earnings
  • The recycling industry has a lot of potential to develop into a big business sector
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Enviromental benefits

  • reduces pollution, takes care of the enviroment
  • it conserves resourses
  • it conserves energy
  • it reduces deforestation
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i learned from this link how does a society that recycles work, and how this method is having a possitive effect on the city. For example they had used book in a cooffe shop in order to recycle, they knew what to do with the wastes and where were they going to go.
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