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Patriot Elementary School March 2019

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Patriot Families,

Spring is approaching and learning is in full swing here at the Patriot Elementary. As you may know, this is a time of year that students make the most academic and social learning improvements. Please join us in making school a priority. Very soon the weather will change with spring right around the corner. It can be challenging to keep our children focused on learning. What can you do to make school a top priority for your child? Keep these ideas in mind:

-Make attendance your number one priority. Let your child know that unless they are sick, they must attend school (and be on time.) Make an effort to schedule appointment after school hours.

-Show you care. Talk about school activities and projects. Make an effort to attend as many school events as you can.

-Remain positive. Try to set a positive example for your child, even when your own day has been challenging. If you show a positive attitude about your work, your child may feel better about their learning.

The following events at Patriot Elementary will be in March:

-Quarter 3 ends on March 8th, Report cards will be sent home on March 14th

-March 16th, Saturday – POMS Competition, Wasson HS, Time TBD

-Spring Break is right also right around the corner – March 25th – 29th

-March 18th – Fifth Grade Trauma Surgeon Event

-March 12th – Patriot Elementary Town Hall

Let’s make it a great month! Please remember to visit with any comments, celebrations, or concerns. We would love to have you at Patriot!


Mrs. Canon, Principal

Patriot Elementary Mission:

“For every student to become a lifelong learner and a confident, productive member of society by providing an engaging, safe, and supportive academic community.”

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Yearbook order form deadline March 22, 2019.

Cost of yearbooks are $15 and will be distributed the last week of school.

If you will be moving, we are happy to mail to you with a forwarding address.

If you would like to place an online order, you can do anytime between now and 3/20/19.

Go to:

Yearbook ID Code: 12779119

Wise Words from Patriot Counseling

Perfectionism and your Gifted Student

In the field of psychology, perfectionism is a personality trait characterized by a person’s need to be impeccable and it is characterized by the person setting extremely high goals for him or herself. What perfectionism actually accomplishes is that the person becomes overly self-critical, cannot accept criticism from others, may be excessively compulsive, and may procrastinate to avoid failure. Perfectionism may lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental and emotional maladies.

How can adults help children overcome perfectionism and avoid the stress that can follow?

  • · Create an environment of acceptance. Avoid the raised eyebrows if your child gets a B instead of an A.
  • · Let your child know you appreciate them for who they are, not what they can be.
  • · Let your child know it is okay to make mistakes. Seeing mistakes as an avenue for growth helps children learn to take a chance.
  • · Give your child the courage to fail by offering solutions to problems only when it is clear they cannot solve it themselves.
  • · Help your child learn how to manage time by teaching them to balance work and play.

Some great books to share with your child are:

“The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes” by Gary M. Rubinstein and Mark Pett

“Your Fantastic Elastic Brain” by JoAnne Deak, PhD

“The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires

Holly “The Dog Lady” Niewinski, your school counselor, can be reached at 382-1460.



3/1 Read Across America

3/4-3/15 PTO Penny Wars

3/11 PTO Meeting @ 2:45 pm

3/13 Spring Pictures

3/11-3/19 Popcorn Sales; Delivery on 3/22

3/22 Yearbook Order Deadline

3/25-3/29 Spring Break


4/15 PTO Meeting @ 2:45 pm

Springbreak in Colorado

Colorado is an amazing state with so many different places to see and do.

Here are just a few places to go and things to see during spring break:

Mesa Verde National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Great Sand Dunes

Dinosaur National Monument

Celestial Seasonings Tea Company Tour

The Million Dollar Highway

The Denver Puppet Theater

The North Pole

Hammonds Candy Factory

Glenwood Hot Springs

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Mint

Bishops Castle

Casa Bonita

Manitou Cliff Dwellings

The Colorado Wolf Sanctuary

The list goes on and on.

PTO Meeting

Monday, March 11th, 2:45pm

Patriot Elementary School Cafeteria

Meetings will last approximately 45 minutes.

Childcare will be available for school-age students.

BOYS TOWN Education Model at Patriot

We are excited to bring the Boys Town Education Model as a means to address and reinforce student behavior and discipline issues. This Model uses a teaching approach for dealing with behavior, therefore teachers and other staff members will proactively teach social skills on a weekly basis and clearly communicate behavioral expectations throughout the day. Patriot staff reinforce students when they make appropriate academic and behavioral choices and correct their inappropriate actions by teaching replacement behaviors and use natural and logical consequences. Each week students are introduced to a new Boys Town Skill and encouraged daily to work on this skill.


3/4-3/8 Asking For Help

3/11-3/15 Sharing Something

3/18-3/22 Accepting Compliments

Ever-Changing Colorado Weather

If you have not lived in Colorado very long, you may not be fully aware of the ever-changing weather we have here. We can start off a morning at 30 degrees with frost on the ground, have the sun rise and warm us up to 50 degrees with intense sun so the students can run and play at lunch, and then have a snow storm move in at 2:00 pm.

We encourage all students during the winter to dress in layers and always have jacket, hat and gloves in their backpacks.

In EXTREME weather we will send a message out about Red Flag dismissal process.

Peer Conflict, Mean Behavior, and Bullying. What is the Difference?

Fountain Fort Carson District 8 is committed to providing students with a safe school climate.

Talking with our children about these differences is very important in teaching how to handle these situations.

Click on the provided link to read more about the difference between peer conflicts, mean behavior, and bullying behavior.

FFC8 Flier

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


REMINDER: Please do not drop students off before 7:00 am as Patriot Staff supervision does not monitor until 7:00 am. Morning drop off is NOW IN THE BACK ONLY.

Breakfast students should be dropped off in back as well.

Pick up procedures have not changed.

Students should be picked up at their flag with the oldest sibling. If walking, students exit through the east gate on the black top.

Please ensure that you are following the best practice procedures which can be found on our school website.

We expect all parents to promote safety for our students and community, and be positive role models in our parking lots. Changes to normal routine in child's departure should be communicated to the teacher.


The motto our students practice at school is P.A.W.S

The PAWS Pledge is promised each day during morning announcements: "I am a Patriot Lion. I show my pride by using my PAWS--Personal Best, Act Responsibly, Work and Play Safely, Show Respect to All; I am a Patriot Lion let me show you my PAWS! ROAR!!!

--Patriot Elementary School colors: Red, White, Blue

--Patriot Mascot: Lion

Box Tops for Education

PTO is collecting Box Tops ~~~

Box Tops are an easy way for our school to earn FREE money!

PLEASE keep those Box Tops and students can paste or tape to Box Top Sheets. When complete sheets are turned in, students receive a small treat. Please contact the office for more sheets.

Patriot Elementary School

Patriot Elementary School Mission: "For every student to become a lifelong learner and a confident, productive member of society by providing an engaging, safe, supportive, academic community."