Merryman Elementary

May 2017 Newsletter

Dates to Remember

May 3 STAR Assessment Begins

May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5 Fourth Grade to MS Visit

May 9 PTO Meeting 6:00

May 11 PALS Assessment 1st Grade

May 12 In-Service Day

May 13 Shrek at MS

May 19 Safety Cadet Picnic

May 23 Third Grade Field Trip

Fourth Grade Field Trip

May 24 Early Release Day

May 25 Junior Olympics Grades 3 and 4

First Grade Field Trip

May 26 Second Grade Field Trip

Junior Olympics (Rain Date)

May 30 Memorial Day - No School

May 31 PBIS Ice Cream Sundaes

June 2 Fourth Grade Recognition

June 3 Last Day of School

Students Dismiss at Noon

From the Desk of Ms. Kostrova

REMINDER to sign-up for the District’s Summer Learning Program! Register online or stop by school for help! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have fun and learn something new! New this year is the YMCA after school Camp! Check it Out!

Reminder that if you would like to request a teacher for next year you will need to contact me in writing before May 10th. Please make sure to address the educational reasons for your request.

Ask your child’s teacher about the progress he/she has made on the STAR reading and math this year. This assessment is just one tool to help us determine what strategies we need to work on with your child both now and in the future to be academically successful.

PBIS! Just a reminder for 4th quarter. Any student who doesn’t receive a Major (discipline form) during the 4th quarter will be treated to a build your own ice cream sundae on May 31st! Remind your child to follow the expected behaviors at school!

End of Year Field Trips are coming up quickly. Please remember that these field trips are earned and not a right. Students are expected to follow the school expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe at school. This includes both academics and behaviors. We need to ensure that students are able to be successful in the school setting before we can take them on a field trip in a less structured setting. Any questions please feel free to contact me, or your child’s teacher.

Please note that the last day of school will be June 9th. This will be a half day for students. Dismissal will be at 11:30am. The PTO will be providing bouncy houses (weather permitting) for students.

Merryman Literacy Event

Merryman Literacy Event

Tom Pease, May 1

Day and Evening Program

Along with Marinette School District and the generous donation from Waupaca Foundry and Ficantieri Marinette Marine, Merryman Elementary was able to bring the infectious sense of fun, literacy and community building of Tom Pease. Tom connects and inspires literacy through his music and sense of humor, leaving audiences laughing and singing. Our goal is to get books in the hands of all of our students and with the generosity of Waupaca Foundry and Marinette Marine, every student at Merryman will receive a book of their own.

Summer Learning Registration

Please find below the online registration instruction for Summer Learning! If you have any questions about your login or password, please feel free to call the school office at 715-735-2500.

Secretary Week

Students and staff joined in celebrating secretary week with Mrs. Todzy. Students presented her with very special thank you cards that they created themselves and we sang the thank you song! We thank you for everything you have done for us Mrs. Todzy!

Spinning a Web of Readers

Congrats to our first two students to reach 2000 minutes of reading!
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Ms. Nemmers Counseling Notes

Character Word of the Month of May - Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a belief that we can get smarter through hard work and practice. This means that struggling with something difficult doesn’t mean you’re not smart. It’s a chance to grow your intelligence. Growth mindset is all about trying hard, using good strategies, and getting the help you need.

Having a growth mindset is a popular notion in the field of education right now, however it is commonly misunderstood. It might seem like growth mindset implies that everyone has exactly the same potential in every domain, but that’s not quite true. Instead, growth mindset means that everyone’s intellectual ability can always be further developed. A benefit of a growth mindset is that it helps you stay motivated to stick it out when things are difficult, but telling students not to quit won’t do that alone. You have to truthfully convince kids that their efforts will result in increased ability ( because ability can grow!) and remind them that they’re learning when something is hard for them to do.

Research shows that a growth mindset is critical to school success and linked to the character grit or perseverance. A growth mindset predicts increased academic achievement and can help narrow achievement gaps. Having a growth mindset means understanding that intelligence can be developed. In others words, we can grow and learn from our mistakes.

First Grade Good Things

First grade is exploring the attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes in math. They are collaborating with other students and learning how to work as a team. The students are enjoying working with the different shapes.

Second Grade Good Things

Second graders practicing for a reader's theater.
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Third Grade Good Things

The third graders learned so many fascinating facts about animals during our expository non-fiction unit in writing. Most importantly though, they learned how to cooperate and compromise with their partners. Most of the students said that was their favorite part about the unit; working with friends.


The 4th graders had another busy month. We completed the Forward Exam and also celebrated “Drop Everything and Read Day.” We had a beach day filled with lemonade, popsicles, some “Beach Boy Songs, and some quiet reading time. The month of May is crazy busy in 4th grade. We have a month filled with a visit to the Middle School, a visit from 5th graders talking about the Middle School, a weeklong Spanish class from students from the High School,the Safety Cadet picnic, the 4th grade party at the High School, and a trip to Heritage Hill on May 19th.. Please help us keep your child academically focused by making sure their homework is done, checking planners nightly, reminding them to stay on task, and follow our Knights Code of Conduct(Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe)until the end of the school year. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!