Where are we?

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Lesson 3: This Land is Your Land

In this lesson students will begin the unit by listening to the song "This land is your land" by Woody Gunrie followed by a class discussion. Next, we will create a KWL chart that we will fill in as the unit progresses. Lastly, as a class we will study the necessary vocabulary needed for this unit.

What Students Will Learn

  • Students will learn the needed vocabulary for the unit
  • Students will basic information about their place in relation to the world.

Lesson 4: Maps, maps and more maps!

In this lesson we will be taking a look at many different maps. Students will explore different maps using google images and discuss what they notice about each. We will talk about the many uses/reasons for each map.

What Students Will Learn

  • Students will learn that different maps exist for different purposes

Lesson 5: Reading a Map

In this lesson students will watch Reading a Map video on Brainpop Jr. While watching the video we will stop and discuss what Moby and Toby are saying and doing in the video. This will provide insight and clarification for students. Afterwards students in groups of 4 will give directions to certain places in school such as, the gym, library, cafeteria, auditorium, and main office and so on. Directions or a picture will be made to record the discussion and directions, later the students will test out their directions and see if they were correct and modify if needed.

What Students Will Learn

  • Students will learn how to give and follow directions
  • Students will learn how to use maps as a tool to learn information about an area

Differentiated Instruction

Technical Support Synopsis


  • The use of technology will benefit those students who have an OT issue as well as students who usually need extra time to accomplish a task.
  • Students will be able to use the tools available to express themselves; ELL and struggling students can create an oral presentation or a drawing


  • How to work a mouse and keyboard
  • Working knowledge of a computer