The Freedom Walkers

The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott-by Nathan Parsons

What Are the Freedom Walkers?

The Freedom Walkers started in around the end of 1943; when the law of segregation was heavily enforced. The black community was tired of giving in to the white's rules.The people that walked, carpooled, and didn't go on bus for nearly a year were called the Freedom Walkers. With the help of the famous Martin Luther King Jr. and many more started the what is now called today the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Parks never knew that by not moving from her seat (for a white person because the bus was full) on the a segregated bus that she would started a sequence of events that would soon turn into a huge matter in the United States. Rosa was a normal black women riding the bus when the driver yelled at her to get up from her seat. Parks feet were sore from standing all day at her job (the bus was full so she would have had to stand up), so Rosa refused to give up her seat. The bus driver got up and walked up to Rosa the threatened her. He soon called the police and Rosa was arrested, but little did that bus driver know he made Rosa "The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement".

The Railroad Car Porter

Edgar Nixon was A huge civil right leader; with out him the Freedom walkers would have never been a thing. Edgar (also known as E. D. Nixon) was employed as a railroad sleeping car porter, but he mainly worked with a group called NAACP (really called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). E. D. brought the Rosa Park's case to the attention of the black community. Nixon helped start and end the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

The Girl That Was Almost Forgotten

Claudette Colvin was a all A student at all black Booker T. Washington High school. Her role for the Civil Rights Movement was minor, but it still mattered. Colvin was arrest twice for breaking the laws of segregation. Claudette later joined the Youths Council against Segregation. Claudette has been forgotten though out the years until a group of high school students.