Andrew Carnegie

A Philanthropist, Industrialist and U.S. Legend

About Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish-American industrialist, with one of the most profound rags-to-riches stories in American history. He invested in many oil and industry companies, and was the founder of the Keystone Bridge Company. Carnegie was also a generous philanthropist. At just age 35 he began giving to charities and investing in things that could be for the welfare of others. By the time of his death (1919), Carnegie had donated $350 million dollars, the equivalent of nearly $5 billion dollars by today's standards.

Facts List

  • Born in 1835
  • Was known as the "Steel King of America"
  • Before becoming and entrepreneur, was a bobbin boy, messenger, and telegraph operator at a Pennsylvanian railroad station.
  • Founder of Keystone Bridge Company
  • Was the first person to own multiple wide-ranging iron and steel companies
  • Established Carnegie Steel Company, which was one of the largest enterprises on earth
  • Was considered the second richest man in history (after John D. Rockefeller)
  • After gaining knowledge from working at the railroad station, Carnegie began his extremely successful career by investing sleeping cars
  • Funded approximately 3000 libraries throughout the world
  • Carnegie Steel Company was a combination of his already owned corporations, which included J. Edgar Thomson Steel Works, Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Works, the Lucy Furnaces, the Union Iron Mills, the Keystone Bridge Works, and the Scotia ore mines (to name a few.) The company became the largest manufacturer of pig iron and steel rails on Earth.

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