By Gilbert Barcenas

Facts about Fiji

Fiji is located in the south pacific which makes it perfect for a hot summer vacation for you and or the family. What makes Fiji so great is that it has over 300 islands so you're going to have a tough time picking which island to vacation on , but you might want to consider Blue Lagoon Beach resort it is extremely beautiful with the crystal clear blue water,tall palm trees,fruit,and ice cold drinks


It takes 10 1/2 hour to get from America to Fiji on an airplane. Fiji is 6,744 miles away from America so you're going to want a comfortable flight you might want to consider Fiji airways.On this resort you will be staying in Fiji for 7 days and 7 nights in a comfortable hotel.


You will be staying in Hotel Rakiraki in Viti Levu Island, Fiji this hotel is packed tons of things to do from spas and beaches and a pool for

the kids and friends and if you you dont like the pool you could always go to the beach and get a fresh ocean breeze andbring lots of sunscreen because it is HOT!!!


an air plane ticket to Fiji cost $2,464.00 and staying in your hotel for 7 days and 7 nights would cost $249.00 a night and dining in Fiji cost $40.00 a meal. As far as spending money goes you wont need that much because the activities there are very cheap so i would say bring at the most $2,000 dollars.


there are many of fun activities to do in Fiji like ziplineing,snorkeling,jetsking,tours of the island,swimming in crystal clear water,exploring the forest and caves, and eating at five star restaurants. As you can see going to Fiji would be an amazing experience for you and your family if you deiced to bring them.