"Raymond's Run" By:ToniCadeBambara

Nolan Boswell


Squeaky never really had a fear of anyone.She thought no one was better than her a very confident girl. One day her and her brother Raymond were going on a run.SHe had to watch him while her mom was at the story.Squeaky had to work on her breathing she ran track and was really fast.The new girl thought she was better than Squeaky and could beat her.But at the annual race squeaky beats this girl and doesn't say anything else to squeaky


One inference that can be made in this story is that Squeaky is very confident person and wont take a lot from anyone.The main conflict in this story is when Gretchen is always trying to be better than squeaky and she doesn't like that.The theme of this story is don't judge someone before you see what they can really do