Gouverneur Elementary News

Week of March 4, 2018

Thank You for Working with Us on Thursday, March 1st!

To Our Community and Parents and Caregivers:

We want to say thank you for working with us during the emergency closing on Thursday, March 1st. When we principals came to work, we did not know what had transpired at the HS/MS until we got the call from district office. We then put in place our emergency plans that we discussed so we could have a safe environment at the Gouverneur Elementary School.

When threats of violence occur on any of our campuses, we do not compromise the safety of our children and adults on campus. We have these emergency plans for a reason - to provide the safest environment for all on campus. We tried to keep the public informed as best as possible utilizing social media throughout the morning. We utilized our robo-call system to communicate with the public and tried to keep parents and caregivers informed as the situation developed.

We put in practices and protocols, such as emergency dismissal addresses,, for this reason, to have a safe and orderly environment for all on campus. We have asked multiple times, through letters, calendars, student packets, on Facebook, the Remind app, to make sure your emergency contacts and addresses are up to date for this reason - if we have to go into an emergency dismissal, that is what we follow. We have a robo-call system so parents and caregivers can be notified of any emergency closings. We put into effect and emergecy dismissal procedure for the safety of our students as our office will not be able to handle the changes on top of providing a safe environment when we are in a lock-down or lock-out situation. Safety will always be our #1 priority. There is no room for arguing that, nor will we compromise the safety of our children and staff. If we have to relocate, we will relocate our population. But thankfully, we did not have to that day.

We would like to thank ALL of you for your understanding as we closed the building down. Our kids were safe! They were in their familiar space and feed. We had staff posted around so folks could not get into the school as well as NYS troopers on campus. A huge thank you to the staff at GES for following our commands as the situation unfolded. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during this situation. We do not have lots of information to release other than what our superintendent, Mrs. French has released to all. Please thank her for her outstanding dedication to our community and our schools for keeping everyone safe. We are so proud of everyone, our community, our staff and our scholars!

Charity and Vicki

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Spring Can't Come Fast Enough! Mrs. LaShomb's class having some fun!

Reminder: Make Sure Your Emergency Addresses are Correct on Emergency Sheets

As you know, we are in the months of unpredictable weather patterns. We just want to remind everyone to have the correct place where your child goes in case of an early dismissal. Be aware, that all notes are voided if this is called and we follow the emergency addresses on your emergency sheet. This is for the safety of all our students. When this is called, the office goes into emergency procedures as we only have so long to get our children on the correct buses and dismissal. We will not accept ANY changes over the phone for the safety of our children. Although these days are rare, we have had them, so please be alert to weather patterns. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation for the safety of all!

Dr. Day came for Dental Health Month!

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Check out our OM Teams at the Watertown competition this past Saturday!

What's Ahead

  • March 5 and 6: Dome Theater, 5pm - 8pm, GES Gym
  • March 7: PAC Meeting, 7:30am, GES Library
  • March 9: PARP DEAR with Parents Rescheduled 9:15am - 9:45am
  • March 12: PARP Theme Week: Wear YELLOW day.
  • March 13: PARP Theme Week: Wear RED day.
  • March 13: K-Kids Club Meeting, 3:45pm
  • March 13: PARP After school activities (Permission Slip Required)
  • March 13: UPK Informational Meeting, GES Library, 6:30pm
  • March 14: PARP Theme Week: Wear BLUE day.
  • March 15: PARP Theme Week: Wear BLACK day.
  • March 16: PARP Theme Week: Wear GREEN day.

Gouverneur Elementary Pledge

I pledge to make Gouverneur Elementary a safe and happy place.

I will be respectful, responsible and honest.

I will treat others the way I want to be treated, with gold and blue shining through.

Gouverneur Elementary School, Gouverneur, NY

Gouverneur Elementary School is an exemplary school where we agree to place the welfare of students at the forefront of our decisions. In becoming a school of excellence, we always identify and implement new or enhanced initiatives in the area of curriculum and instruction, provide respectful and professional learning environments, develop and implement planning and support systems and increase faculty, parent and community partnerships.

We are a Responsive Classroom school, so our belief is that the social and emotional curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum. We pride ourselves to "Delivering The Promise of A Brighter Future!"

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