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RPEMS Library Newsletter September 2015

Cool Info from the Library

  • Almost 40% of our middle school readers received permission from their parents to check out books with the Adult Fiction label. Thank you to over 300 parents for taking the time to fill out the Google Form; for those of you who chose not to sign it, we have a large selection of non-adult fiction for your child as well! :-) The Google Form is always accessible to any parent who changes his/her mind. Thank you for being so understanding about this optional form.
  • The RPEMS Library is offering a one-time library card for students to use rather than needing to pull out their agenda from their large, zippered binder! Ask your son/daughter(s) if he/she signed up for it? If not, there's still time! The form is in their school email!
  • The 8th English/Language Arts (ELA) students have been using LiveBinders for their first research project as eighth graders. Ask them about it! It's been a huge success!
  • The Scholastic Book Orders are ready! All orders are due by 9/25. I've linked the online catalogs, but there are also hard copies of the Tab and Teen catalogs available in the library for students. Online there are additional catalogs like Book Beat. Orders can be completed online using the code F29F4. All proceeds benefit our library (which in turn benefits your student as well!)!

Mixing Up Reading (with your middle schooler)

Are you a reader? Is your child a reader? Either way, is there a connection to be made so that you can both be models for the other? You bet!

One great way to mix up reading with your (pre)teen is to embark on a dual reading adventure with an author who writes both adult and young adult fiction! James Patterson is the perfect choice while relaxing in the evenings or spending time on the sidelines of a playing field or dance studio! Choose an adult Patterson book for yourself (Honeymoon, Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, Along Came a Spider) and introduce your son/daughter to the first book in one of his series (Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life or Witch and Wizard). During reading, you could share what you do or don't like about his writing style, how well he paints a picture in your head, or even how he deals with conflicts in the books.

Reading this school year is crucial! Here is James Patterson discussing his views on children reading, and he offers some fantastic ways you can help encourage your middle schooler to read (in the summer or anytime)!

James Patterson interview on the Today Show

Happy Reading!!!

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Desperately Seeking Round Canisters!

Special thanks to this year's eighth graders whose parents donated Pringles cans at the end of last year. We've currently made 22 BoxTop Collection Canisters from them and delivered 16 so far!

Please continue sending these into the library with your son/daughter! We will take round canisters with lids including Pringles, Lays, and Crystal Light.

Thank you! We can't do it without your help!

Stir Up Some Knowledge

Don't forget to have your son/daughter exercise his/her vocabulary. You can do it too!

Have him/her work on some grammar! Grammar Blast!

Join the reading fun with Cass County Public Library's September Reading Events!

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