5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter for 1/18/16

What We Learned

Last week we had soooo much fun!

In Math we learned all about using scatterplots and other data analysis tools to interpret data. We even gathered some data of our own! We discovered that our arm length (from armpit to fingertip) has a relationship to our height. Who knew right?!

In Science we had a blast creating a mouse trap maze and racing them! I was VERY impressed with all of the super creative designs. The purpose was to create an experiment to demonstrate how energy is effected by friction, motion, and gravity.

What We Will Learn

In Math we will complete our January checkpoint and be learning about Measurement. We will start the unit with learning how to measure to the nearest inch, quarter inch, half inch, millimeter, and centimeter. We will also figure out how to find the missing length of a shape's side without actually measuring it. This will help us transition into learning about measurements of shapes (perimeter, area, and volume).

In Science we will discover changes to the Earth's surface and what causes those changes. We will have fun making more discoveries!


Tuesday: Measurement video and Science Part 3 Week 1 (1-7)

Wednesday: Math DMH and Science Part 3 Week 1 (8-12)

Thursday: Math DMH and Science Part 3 Week 1 (13-20)

Important Info and Upcoming Events

  • Due to a scheduled Internet outage, there will no visitors allowed on campus Tuesday. Email responses may be delayed as well. Please bear with us! :)
  • Report Cards go home Jan. 25th
  • Class pictures are on Jan. 28th
  • Math Benchmark February 9th