by Emily Rea


Grademocracy-A government in which power is given to citizens with good grades.

Rule of Law

To be a citizen you must have a D or higher. Citizens must take a test once a week to get a grade for them. The citizens will only pay attention to theirs and their families grades and no one else's grade.

President and leadership.

In order to be president you must have a 4.0 GPA and all A's. In order to take Leadership they must have 3 As and a 3.5 GPA, but they can not take power in a illegal way.

Leadership Responsiblity

The President looks over everyone's grades to make sure they have a good education. The President also he provides worksheets and tutors to help improve the citizen's grades.
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Citizen's Responsiblity

Citizens should study for the test every week. They must also pay attention to their grades and any homework. Citizens must vote for someone that wants to be in a leadership position.

Social classes

Grademocracy use The Caste System. The people with an A average are the priest/President. People with a B average are the warriors. People with a C average are the landowner/merchants. People with a D average are the shrouds and last but not least the people with a F average are the untouchables.
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