Culture of Renaissance

By: Ruby Bivins

Renaissance Food

The food that they ate depended on how rich or poor you were and also where you lived.

Peasants ate stuff like mush or soups, so nothing hardy or anything that would fill you up. But the nobles would have feasts and very big dinners. The nobles would eat nothing close to the peasants, their food would have spices and big flavor not just mush.

Renaissance Language

Renaissance language pretty much just had different words. And here are some important words. Good morning = Good Morrow, Good afternoon = good day, How are you = how now, Please = prithee or pray, Thank you = grammercy, Goodbye I got to go = Fare thee well; I must away

Renaissance Clothing

Back in the Renaissance times wealthy people liked to wear fancy clothes to show their wealth. Rich people had many different sets of clothes, but the poor people only had 1 or 2 sets of clothes. The rich women wore long, beautiful dresses. And the rich men wore very colorful tights with some sort of shirt and coat

Renaissance Architecture

In the Renaissance people tend to look back on the Romans and Greeks for architecture purposes. Filippo Brunelleschi was one of the leading architects and engineers in the Italian Renaissance.

Renaissance Religion

There were three major religions in the renaissance times. And they were Catholicism, Protestant, and Humanism. Martin Luther was a very important man involving religion in the renaissance times. But that is it's own story.

Renaissance Tradition

A tradition they would always have was a feast to celebrate someones wedding. It could have been for a peasant or for a noble. A marriage feast would include Quail, goose, venison, roasted boar (sanglier), fish, roasted peacock, mutton, cheeses, nuts, fresh fruits, oysters steamed in almond milk, stewed cabbage, tarts and custards, and spicy mulled wine.

Renaissance Art

Many fine artists liked to use realism. This way of art includes many different techniques that help the painting actually look similar to the real things.

Renaissance History

The Renaissance history period was from the 14th to the 17th century (1300 - 1700) . It was also in Europe. It was a time of great intellectual growth and rebirth in fact the word renaissance actually means rebirth in French.

Renaissance Housing

“A man’s house is his castle.” Because a man's house is where he felt most in charge. Peasant's house's were the least nice out of all the people's house's. Their house's were made of Earthstone or wood. Merchants house's were made of wood or stucco. And the nobles house's were castles

Renaissance Transportation

Back in the renaissance times they mostly transported by horse. People would just ride horses around town or really anywhere they couldn't walk to. But the rich people usually had a carriage or something that they would ride in.