Tropical Savanna

Weather & Climate

the annual amount of rain each year is 20-50 inches. The climate is very hot and desert like.


the land is mostly grassland, woodland and black soil plains. in some regions there are rivers and struggling streams.


since there are savannas all over the world there is no certain animals. the type of animals vary on what part of the world the savanna is in.


The only plants are glass and small forbes. Such as, small flowers that grow on some grasses.

adaption for plants and animals

plants adapt to the droughts by saving the water they collect. Animals adapt to the heat and the landscape. going to the area the suits them best.

limiting factors

Biotic factors are vegetation and wildlife. abiotic factors fire, soil, air and water.

ecological conerns

1.drought/overuse or overextension of water resources
2. hunting of animals such as elephants
3. overuse of land for agriculture or grazing, resulting in desertification and infertile soil.