Revolutionary - Civil

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Thomas Jefferson Was a True Patriot?

Thomas Jefferson was a true patriot and very known in the Revolutionary Time Period mainly for being the 3rd President, and/or writing the Deceleration of Independence.

What Was The Revolutionary War

It was a war against the British to disband from England because of all of the taxes they were getting and it went up over er time. The Americans did not like to get taxed which started the revolutionary war. Well it starts with a treaty with Paris and with all the things that happen they needed money so they taxed the Americans. they did a lot of stuff because of there anger. the most known is the Boston tea party and this is just one of these things they did. with all this fighting the final adopted the american constitution.

Who is Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was one of are many Founding Fathers. He wright Conman Seance,Age of Reasoning,and The Right of Man.He had a hard life when he was a kid that is what made him a good man