Our Future Away From Home.

Spin Off Technologly

Spin off technology is all my by NASA and all commercial products. They put velcro flight caps. They also did both tang . So NASA did both velcro and tang.

Biosuit Technology

Biosuit Technology benefits

Some benefits of the Biosuits are skintight suit that give them much greater freedoms of mobility making it easy for the astronaut to remove the skintight suit. It also could be used in athletic wear or military uniforms. "You could use this as a tourniquet system if someone is bleeding out on the battlefield". It tourniquet you in the event of injury without you even having to think about it.

How Mars Location Make It Ideal For Colonization

Mars is 249 miles away from us so it would take 150-300 days to get there. It is 141,600,000 miles away from the sun. It is in side of the habitable zone

Why we don't colonize other planets out of our solar system

Earth would not be able to maintain life as we know it because of low temperatures and violent Solar activity. Low temperatures causes Red Dwarf to have 1% Suns luminosity. Plants wouldn't be able to get the energy they need to live. Food chain will be affected. Lethal Solar Flares releases harmful radiation. Radiation would damage plant and animal life. Red Dwarf temp. About 1\2 the sun's temp. Plants and animals may freeze.