Panda PAWS 1.3

August 30-September 3, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

August 30:
  • MODEL PLC MONDAYS: Jeans for Staff (every Monday)
  • Morning announcements: Marcela

August 31:
  • Morning announcements: Marcela

September 1:
  • Free Dress Day for Staff & Students (no costumes or pajamas)
  • WELL-DESERVED WEDNESDAYS: Jeans for Staff (every Wednesday)
  • Morning announcements: Tracy
  • 3:30-4:15 Required All Staff Security Training in cafe (will be video taped for After School Program Crew)

September 2:
  • Morning announcements: Julia

September 3:
  • Spirt Day! Jeans & Pierce shirts for Staff & students
  • Morning announcements: Jennifer
  • #EPED Prizes go home. Please send home prizes and celebrate a great week at school for everyone!

Please do the Pledges at the beginning of your classes each day!

Before you watch the School Family Message, please do the pledge to the American & Texas flags. The link is on your school website and can also be found below:

When you are going to be absent, please put your absence in AESOP:

Everyone should have access to AESOP to put in an absence. If you do not, please see Ms. Gonzales or Ms. Dickson.

When you text Tracy that you are going to be out, your immediate next step is to enter your absence in AESOP so that a Guest Educator can be secured for your class.

When you log into the Staff website for Irving ISD and go to the Resources section, you can find AESOP under "F" for Frontline Absence Management.

Use of Hallway Restrooms for whole classes:

Use of hallway restrooms for class-wide restroom breaks should be limited since the safest thing for you to do is use your class restroom.

Students should not sit on hallway floors throughout the building under any circumstances, due to the germs that are on floors that our shoes walk on all day. The safest and cleanest thing to do is have students sit in their chairs and wait to use the restrooms while completing an activity at their seats.

If you have questions or concerns about any of this information, please see Jennifer.

Thank you for helping keep our children clean and safe!

Reading articles helps us all grow professionally!

A great article on builiding self-efficacy in children:

Click above to read a great article that should really encourage us that we are already doing fantastic things for our kids. We must always build hope! Some highlights from the article are below:

Big picture

Planning ahead to set Essential Standards & goals for the year:

Big picture

Lockdown procedures review:

Big picture

What did my student say???

What did my student say???

For a quick check to help you decide whether or not speech errors are age appropriate:

· Go to:

· Click on your campus drop down “I can’t understand my student”

· Click on “Early Childhood Articulation Observations” for form links.

· Show the pictures to your student, write down responses, and compare answers to the attached chart on the response form. If speech errors fall in the yellow or red columns, contact me. Both English and Spanish charts are available.

Pictures are also available as a Seesaw activity found here: Spanish English

General articulation guidelines and strategies can be found here.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Virtual Office Website

Library Update from Mrs. Popkin:

Thank you, teachers, for making the adjustment to the new checkout procedures! The students are doing great! Feel free to give the students the option of visiting another shelf if you feel they are ready. If you aren’t able to bring students to the library because of some challenges you are dealing with, please let me know so we can help you with getting books to your students. We should have book bags in about a week or so, and we can send books home then.

All Irving ISD Employees Required to Complete Annual Compliance Training

All Irving ISD Employees Required to Complete Annual Compliance Training

All Irving ISD employees are required to complete specific compliance training modules and submit a signed copy of the Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Form to their supervisor. The window for completing the 21-22 Annual Compliance eCourse is July 22 - October 15, 2021.

Learn more at

***IA's may must complete these DURING work hours. Let Ms. Dickson know if you have questions.

Shout Outs!

From Jennifer Dickson:

I know that reality is setting in and things may be getting harder as we come to terms with all the things happening all around us. I encourage you to offer YOURSELF the same grace and patience that you are so good at offering our parents, our students and our colleagues. You deserve grace and patience too.

We must remember that we are all doing the best we can! I am so proud of the work we do here each and every day. We are making a difference in little lives every day.

Growth will come! You may not even realize that they have grown in 10 days of school already. So many walk through our doors so excited about school! That is because of each and everyone of YOU! We must take it day by day. Tracy and I are here if you need anything.

I hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and get some rest. It is well-deserved!

Welcome to Leticia! Thank you for jumping right in and working so hard!

From Stephanie Reeder:

Thanks to Ms. Luna and Ms. Natal for helping in my class on Wednesday!

Mrs. Martinez, thanks for all our help with our class! I think we make a great team!

Ms. Dickson, thanks for talking me through some tough situations this week!

From Zandra Alonso:

Shout Out to Front Office for their hard work enrolling new Pierce Pandas!

From Eber Perla:

We would like to thank our POD and the entire Pierce Staff for the hospitality. Special shout outs to Ms. Garcia, Ms. Alonso, Ms. Lara and Ms. Chavira for including us in the bulleting board and door décor.

From Sylvia Cortes:

A Big Shout Out to Zandra, Nadya and Ursula, we all have new roles and although these couple of weeks have been very stressful you (we) have done an excellent job in learning, helping each other and doing our jobs. Thank you so much for all your help!

A Hug SHOUT OUT to Zandy for helping me learn her ex-job, 😊 thank you for letting me make a lot of notes, I’m so grateful for your patience.

A Big Shout Out to all the teachers for completing their attendance on time every day, thank you, so, so much.

A Big Shout Out to Ms. Dickson and Gonzales for being so understanding and patient with me, with us trying to learn our jobs. Thank you , thank you, thank you.

From Stella Luna:

Thank you Ms. Dickson for all your hard work and also Mrs. Gonzales.

Thank you Brooke and Lazo and all friends for helping me cope with all that’s going on.

Thank you Mr. Perla for bringing us Donuts.

Thank you Ms. Miahasha Williams, for the Kombucha it was very tasty I enjoy it.

Have a great weekend to all my Panda Family. (We got it down for this year.)

From Tracy Gonzales:

Thank you teachers for collaboratively supporting one another during these first two critical weeks of learning. Amazing things are happening in each of your classrooms.

Thank you Marcela and Yasmeen for supporting students in the classroom.

Thank you Luna and Gloria for your flexibility in helping with students in the classroom.

Thanks Karen for supporting my efforts in getting my keyboard to work.

Thank you Ms. Dickson for helping me set up my standing desk.

From Jackie Knutson:

Jennifer Dickson for helping at our collaborative team meeting and for keeping us laughing at staff meetings. Your stories are so funny.

Tracy Gonzales for always being so understanding and helping all of us keep it together.

Brooke and Soila for keeping me grounded when my head starts spinning. You guys are the rock in our classroom.

McKimmey and Reeder for being a great resource of information and always helping me when I have questions.

From Lourdes Fierro:

Mrs. Bucheli for being proactive and helping me with our students.

Yasmeen, Marcela, Ms. Dickson, and Mrs. Gonzales -kudos for having supersonic ears when a student’s cry is heard ALL come out like the CDA Child Detection Agency (Equivalent to Hazmat from the Disney Movie: Monster’s Inc) LOL! Y’all are ON it!!

Carey for fixing my School Dude issue.

Mrs. Li for getting our activities ready for next week.

Sylvia for passing out the attendance prizes.

Week two under wraps PANDAS! Everyone have a RESTFUL weekend!!

From Eva Reyes:

PreK-3 Bilingual Team: I am so thrilled with all the work we are already doing, and we’ve only just begun! During this collaborative journey, we will celebrate and overcome as we rely on each other for support and in the process, we will do fantastic things for our students. I am so excited to be doing this with each one of you!

Leadership Ambassadors: You all went above and beyond to revamp our Teacher’s Lounge into such a lovely and inviting space for us to enjoy. It looks and feels fantastic!

Lupe & Stacy: Thank you for all your hard work in keeping our building so clean and beautiful. I love how you all are always so happy and willing to lend a helping hand.

Marcela and Yasmeen: I am very thankful for the social-emotional help and support you have offered our school friends. We are fortunate to be able to count on you all!

Mrs. Popkin and Ms. Luna: Thank you for being so gracious and patient with your new library visitors. Allowing our students this opportunity is so great and necessary because it will ignite their love for literacy. I can already see so many of my students building an interest and passion for “reading” books.

Julie and Teresa: I am so glad to have you all as classroom buddies this school year. I have enjoyed your company and I am glad that we have been able to help and support one another!

Carey: Thank you for always being so kind, patient, and eager to offer tech assistance.

Jackie K.: You will be amazing (as always!) on Monday. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Marisol: Thank you for always being so eager to share your awesome ideas! I have learned so much from you and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and friendship.

Thalia: I am so delighted to be working with you this school year! I find so much inspiration in the peace and calm you exude, and I am so appreciative of the tremendous aid and assistance you have offered me thus far. It’s been amazing having you as my partner and I am looking forward to us continuing to grow and learn together!


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