Hope Solo

By Aiyanna L.

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Hope Solo: My Story

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Why Hope Solo is Important

Hope Solo is important because she has inspired many young girls and young women that not all sports are for boys and dance and cheer can be for boys too. She helped the Women's National Team win the FIFA Women's World Cup. She made many saves and if she was replaced by someone else, USA would have probably lost.

She is also important because she stood up for herself when she wasn't allowed to play soccer. That inspired me. Hope Solo was persistent and didn't give up. That's why Solo is important.

Word Definitions

  1. Soccer: a game with two teams and a round ball trying to score points
  2. Goalkeeper: soccer player protecting the goal
  3. Persistent: not giving up
  4. Inspiration: something or someone who inspires someone or is a role model
  5. Athlete: a person who plays a sport

Why I chose Hope Solo

I chose Hope Solo because I love soccer. Even though I don't play it, it is still my favorite sport. I knew USA won the FIFA Women's World Cup and also knew that Hope Solo was on the team. I never would have thought that the book would be so interesting. She also inspired me and was one of my favorite soccer players. That's why I chose Solo.

Interesting Facts

  • Hope Solo was on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Hope Solo is now 34 and still playing soccer.
  • Hope Solo has been married since 2012.
  • Hope Solo and Jennifer Carpenter look alike.
  • Hope Solo had to get surgery in her shoulder because of a disentgrating bone.
Used book Hope Solo: My Story by Hope Solo

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