Ethan Allen

Revolutionary War

Who? Ethan Allen.

Facts: Ethan Allen, a veteran from the French And Indian war. Also fought in the Revolutionary war. He settled in land claim both by New Hampshire and New York. He sided with New Hampshire and form a group called The Green Mountain Boys. His attacks on the Yorkers caused the governor of New York to put a $480 reward for him. He led the attacks on land agents to discourage them.
The Story of Ethan Allen

What Happened Next, You Ask?

When the word broke out about the Revolutionary war Ethan became a general in the war. One of his most Famous wins was The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga not a shot was fired.The attack was so swift that the general didn't have time to get dressed.

When Was This Battle, You Ask, Again?

It happened on May 10, 1775. The battle was so swift that not a shot was fired and the general had to surrender in his night gown

Where Was This Battle You Ask?

Fort Ticonderoga is just west of the Champlain River.

Who Where The Green Mountain Boys?

The Green Mountain Boys where a group who was run by Ethan Allen a French and Indian war veteran so, he could be trusted. The Green Mountain Boys also help Ethan with the attacks or scares led on the Yorkers.


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