Behind the scenes

Straight outta Niles

25th U.S. president William McKinley was born in Niles, Ohio January 29, 1843. He was a devout Methodist of Scots-Irish decent. Following his childhood of boring useless information you didn't come here to read, he fought in the Civil War for the glory of the Union. He married his sparkly wife, Ida, January 25, 1871. Their young were attacked by microscopic predators, and did not survive to adulthood. The female, dealing with depression, refused to bear anymore. The male, instead of mating elsewhere to receive offspring, remained loyal to the end. He won the presidential election in 1896, and the election of 1900. In both of these elections, he sided with the Republican party of the time. However, the dude was shot twice by Leon Czolgosz in the abdomen. McKinley, unfortunately, was shut down September 14, 1901. However, Roosevelt went into office soon after, Leon was slain by electricity, and everything worked out in the end. Farewell to McKinley. Ida died 6 years later.


President McKinley was arguably a very imperialist and manipulative leader at his time. Though originally trying to avoid unreasonable war supposedly, as soon as all the cards were on the table war was a quick decisive action, leading to much benefit. He was involved with the Spanish-American war, declared by him, which led to the decimation of Spanish troops, and the control of Cuba-all of this caused by U.S. intervention, which he influenced.

Progressive Actions and modern day influence

McKinley did his best from his positions of power to reform things in the U.S. he did not see as necessary. He delayed the Tariff of 1890 for as long as possible from a powerful position in Ohio. He supported a currency expansion of sorts, and fought hard for a far-reaching tax reform in 1891. He is credited with the role model of using media in office. He used telephones, media, newspapers-perhaps some of the most subtle and manipulative propaganda known in office up to date. He also gave idea to the fact that imperialism can work if the American people are riled up enough.